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Women's College Wrestling

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22 hours ago, Boompa said:

There will never be long term fan interest potential.  Men's wrestling is a fringe sport with spotty success (NCAA's), women's wrestling is even more fringe.

In 20 years, you will be able to combine the D1, D2 and D3 women's national championships in one arena and there will always be open seats...that is the reality.

That is why I think, someone has already thought of the idea of including the finals of the womens with the mens finals, just so someone will watch it.

This line of thinking does not make me a dinosaur, it is the same line of thinking I have when I would rather watch a MLB game than a little league game.


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24 minutes ago, Jeffm said:

How many scholarships will the women's programs be allowed?  

Not sure the NCAA has decided since it doesn't take effect for another year as I understand it so if that's the case it would be up to each school for this coming year. And who knows if the NCAA would have to grandfather scholarships awarded this coming year.

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