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Beach Wrestling advice?

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Hey, we are seriously considering taking a bunch of kids from our team (ranging in age from 6th grade to 11th grade) to a beach wrestling tournament this summer.  All I found on this board so far about it is pretty unhelpful / snarky - does anyone here have experience with beach wrestling?  Any advice?  I mean practical advice - we're planning on doing some summer practices to prepare.  It's essentially a takedown tournament, with an added piece of sumo (you get a point if you push your opponent out of the circle).... have I got this right?  If you've taken a team to a beach wrestling tournament (or have competed yourself) I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts and recommendations on preparing the kids.  Thanks.

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Try getting in contact with Reece Humphrey who coaches the New Jersey RTC.  He just returned from competing at a World Beach Wrestling Event, so would have some hands on knowledge.  Hopefully he has time to pass along a few pointers for your guys or be able to point you to some resources.  I’d also suggest finding an actual sand area (lakeside, riverside, or sand volleyball court if you are not by the ocean) near you to get some of your practice rather than just wrestling mats. 

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