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The DECISION (yianni v retherford)

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10 minutes ago, scribe said:

I know. They waited until well after the match expired before rolling back yiannis points. 

Yep, a lot of confusion, they both wrestled nearly the entire match with the wrong score, but at least the got it right at the end.

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1 minute ago, GockeS said:

yep this is what wrestling needs going forward, the "they got it right at the end according to tbert and TBar" standard. That will improve the sport for sure.


As opposed to giving the win to the losing person?  

You got the message loud and clear.

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We should be learning from this.  Improving our presentation and eliminating this situation totally as soon as possible..  Folkstyle has the advantage of control established before back points can be awarded.  I've watched the scoring in question and I tend to believe Yianni initiated that, but I admit I could not argue it was not Zain.  Just a few years ago we were about to be out of the Olympics.  We made the sport better and somehow stayed in the Olympics.  This is a fault in our sport.  This is a deal killer at so many levels.  We simply must have a sport where someone knows what the hell is going on.  If it takes days or weeks to interpret our own rules,  nobody wants that from the first time viewer through the lifelong fan.

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