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Wrestling and IQ

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On 7/16/2019 at 10:47 AM, fanta said:

There's been so much secrecy and disinformation over the last 70 years that it's become impossible to prove anything in the face of official denial....of course the flip-side is, nobody believes anything the government says...

I'm sure the Government is behind the disappearance of Quilted Aluminum Foil in rolls like we used to get in the grocery store. Now all we get is either sheets(some quilted - but limited in size) or rolls of the normal stuff. Obviously a conspiracy to keep us from making four layer aluminum foil hats with two quilted layers inside to trap the mind rays... the quilting deflects them and traps them inside while they lose power.    ;>)

You notice Penn State did not win many Titles before it was off the market. Now it is gone and Penn State is winning. When it was available Iowa was winning - Dan Gable obviously sold his soul to interstellar mind control agents to get Iowa winning the way they did.

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