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Hello all. I'm new here so if this thread is made in the wrong forum, mods please feel free to move it. I just wanted to share a few highlight videos I made chronicling some of the USA's own, Kyle Snyder, in matches from high school, junior nationals, world team trials and junior worlds in 2013 and 2014. This was a lot of fun making these, Snyder was such a beast at such a young age and is such an exciting wrestler to watch. 

I haven't posted on any wrestling forums like since I was wrestling in high school almost 20 years ago. Back then the internet was much more rudimentary and the availability to watch matches is about a million times what it once was. So if you've all seen these matches, my bad. If you like them or hate them, let me know what you guys think. I really enjoy ed going through these old matches and interviews and might make a few more. 



Kyle Snyder "A Powerful Young Man" (High School Wrestling Highlight)


Kyle Snyder "Learning the Ropes" (2013 Jr Nationals/World Team Trials Highlight)


Kyle Snyder "Making a Name" (2013 Jr Worlds Highlight)


Kyle Snyder "Reinforcing the Past" (2014 Jr Nationals/World Team Trials Highlight)



Kyle Snyder "Giving Your All" (2014 Junior Worlds Highlight)



Kyle Snyder "A Big Splash" (2015 NCAA, US Open, World Team Trials Highlight)


Kyle Snyder "Powerful Wrestling" (2015 World Championship Highlights)


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The Olympics really makes it hard on 2 of our World Champions.  I think their idea of 6 weights is ludicrous.  Is it possible to have UWW foot the bill for the other 4 weights to be in the Olympics.  I might even give to the cause. 


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