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Dake to compete in Spain before wrestle off with Dieringer

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30 minutes ago, ugarte said:

i don't think anybody doubts that the doctor's note said 8/17 was the appropriate date for Final X. What everyone is speculating about is whether the note said that "competition would jeopardize his health" or "August 17 is the date when he will both have recovered from his injury and rehabbed back to match shape." If you are healthy but not in peak condition, you can go to Spain without worrying about getting hurt but also not caring much if you aren't good enough to win because there are no stakes.

My point is that if you are making a claim that Dake's doctors misrepresented the earliest date that he could wrestle without getting reinjured, you're going to have to show me that letter.

I dont doubt at all that the doctor said 8/17, if it did why did he wrestle an international tournament on 7/6 rather than our qualifying tournament?  Why would USAW allow him to go against doctors order?  Lots of questions.

I would like to see any doctor note that says if you wait until this date you wont be reinjured.  Dont think they are that dumb.

Again, all this skullduggery from team Dake does not surprise me.

Do I blame Dake, No.  He apparently knows he cannot beat Ringer right now and is trying to prolonge as far out as USAW will let him.  I also am skeptical on whether there will be an 8/17 match.  Hope so.

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Askren's take seems pretty spot on with my overall feelings, more worked up about Dake gaming the system than anything.

Personally, I dont have much issue with him wanting a warm-up tourney prior to the Ringer wrestle off, but the lack of transparency, and delay until August 17th makes little sense. He is obviously close to ready after watching him wrestle five matches Sunday, so why are we dragging things out another six weeks?? This throws a major wrench into world championship prep for both parties involved. I think it would be in both wrestlers' interest to move the wrestle off up if at all possible.

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22 minutes ago, ugarte said:

This is pretty much my position - that his recovery schedule indicated 8/17 and any earlier competing was at his own risk (to his health and his record).

Fair enough, I can accept that as plausible.    The only evidence contrary to that I've seen was that Willie suggested there were 2 notes.  (Granted, I would consider Pyles much more credible than Willie).

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