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Well, I understand what Bader said about the draws, but it still sucks in my opinion. We send guys halfway around the world to wrestle each other. I understand that's how it is, but I am still not happy about it. 

Anyway, Snowflake Molinari, looked like a hammer last night, hopefully she can come home with the Gold. I am not sure what to think about JG, but I am hopeful that he can put it together in time for the World's. 

I think Gwizz has a decent draw and hopefully he can meet Akgul in the finals. Ringer looks like he will be tested early and often, but if he's going to get past KD and go to the World's, this is the kind of stuff he's going to have to do. Hopefully everyone does well, and the loser between Zain and Yianni, can bounce back and get a Bronze. 

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42 minutes ago, trendkillgts said:

I'm sorry, tough to follow what in this thread are predictions and what are results. Did the Zain/Yianni match happen already? What was the outcome?

nope. not yet . and not anytime soon

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2 minutes ago, dmm53 said:

Who will be in Zain's and Yianni's respective corners when they wrestle late tonight/early tomorrow (4 AM EST)? 

Are there any Cornell or PSU coaches in Istanbul? 

I think I found the answer: 

Freestyle National Coach – Bill Zadick, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Manager of Freestyle Programs – Joe Russell, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Club Coach – Mark Perry, Iowa City, Iowa

Club Coach- Mark Manning, Lincoln, Neb.

Club Coach- Jeff Buxton, Easton, Pa.

Club Coach- Reece Humphrey, Dayton, N.J.

Club Coach- Zack Esposito, Stillwater, Okla.

Club Coach- Cody Sanderson, State College, Pa.

Club Coach- Mike Grey, Ithaca, N.Y.

Medical - Brandon Stone, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Medical - Robert Skinner, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Medical - Randy Aldret, Lafayette, La.

Referee - Danny Blackshear, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Delegate - Hooman Tavakolian, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Delegate - Paul Kieblesz, Middle Village, N.Y.

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8 hours ago, MadMardigain said:

Always liked watching Opan at the Russian events that Flo covered.  Kinda lost track of him when he transferred over to Turkey.  Hopefully I can catch him in this one.   

Thinking he’s a little long in the tooth these days for international wrestling. I recall when I am very young  upstart named Logan Stieber upset a veteran Opan Sat and Logan is retired now so....

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