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Hawk Talk with Mudflap Lineup Brakedown

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Friends just back from the dogfites in Council Bluffs over the weekend reel good time finished up a big tearoff job sure some of the hands was faint of heart in the heat we just drug them off into the shade and kept on working I dont pay no 20 bucks an hour to no weak sticks gents get the job done and get paid thats my motto been a reel big year what with the rain and your humble narrator been spending them shekels chasing tail and banging beaver got ahold of a big old gal last week a bit rough gents missing some teeth but desperate times require desperate measures I was thinking on it reel hard gents putting together Tommies lineup hombres reel big tussle but then I come up with it hears the good the bad and the ugly.

125 Take it from the Voice of Wrestling Lees taking that Oly redshirt so its Cashman NQ or better bet pull down Desanto if Im a betting man its crossed Tommys mind lets go Cashman and no pts at Nattys.

133 Desanto or Teasdale the money move is Desanto at 125 Teasdales well traveled and he aint about to change that think Billy Murphy gents this guy aint gonna make but it aint one of Tommies teams if you dont got some mystery gent what aint never gonna make Desanto gets 3rd and gets 14 pts at Nattys.

141 Murin or Rinteria Im taking RInteria sure Manning run him off when he dint make weight at Nattys but hombres Mannings a no bull**** guy not like Tommy Rinteria is reel tough and the weights right figure him a tough 5th and he gets you 12 pts at Nattys.

149 Lugo gents another guy what underhooks and pushes and hopes for the big move that formula wins you some matches but it aint gonna win at Nattys give this gent  6th and then get him 10 pts at Nattys.

157 Young on account of how hes reel close with Tommys young daughter finishes 5th gets you 12 pts at Nattys hes got a low ceiling gents typical Tommy guy underhook and push and try to get lucky.

165 Kimmer comes back all gimped up after Nelson Brands wrestles the first half and then finishes 8th he may be 30 but gents hes got the body of a 60 year old athuritis and bunged up knee needs to leave his shoes in the center of the mat and give this one to the young freshman Nelson Brands he gets you 8 pts at Nattys.

174 Marianelli moves up but his stuff dont work reel good to short for the weight another 8th and he gets you 8 pts at Nattys gents Marianelli was hauling way to much weight last year and that accounts for him wilting at Nattys still the algebra dont work moving up he cant horse with them big guys.

184 Wilkie man of many promises but dont deliver burnt gents reel crispy 2 pts at Nattys no place.

197 Warners in at 197 and hes got the eye of the tiger figured it out they never should have redshirted this gent hes got it figured out but finishes 3rd at a reel tough weight 14 pts at Nattys.

HVW  I aint gonna say I told you so but I told you so Cass shouldnt have burnt that shirt but gents Tommies old school shirts all the young freshman now hes got to throw him out there no reel experience but I like Cass he aint gonna never win no title but friends he gets 8th and gets him 10 pts at Nattys tough weight gents.

Now gents the Voice of Wrestlings been reel generous on all this and giving you the reel dealio and it totals to 118 pts the way I cipher thats likely a touch high but figure Tommies got hisself north of 100 for the 1st time in a long time Tommy says 4th is the new 1st so hes gonna be reel happy its a dogfite Tommies purse puppies and pickle sniffers is gonna tell him its all blue skies but Kale aint gonna give that title away gents Tommy listen to your Uncle Mudflap and drop Desanto its your only chance otherwise your crying like a little bitch in the corner again talking about wait till next year.

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I appreciate your posts, and I appreciate lineup insights even more.

I always thought the talk of Desanto to 141 was a bit odd.  He appeared to be average at best as far as he was at 133.

IF Lee is shirting, and they are looking to make a push still, Teasdale or Desanto at 125 are the only real options.  I believe either one at 125 and the other at 133 will net them the same amount of points come natties.

Call me crazy if you like, but I believe this lineup nets them the most possible points:


JRent/Murin combo nets a couple/few more poitns than Murin/Lugo IMHO.

Styles make matches.  I believe Kimerrererererer matches up better with the 174lbers returning than the Bull does.  I also believe the Bull matches up better with the returning 165lbers than Kimerrererrreeerererererrrer does. 

Brands at 157 overtaking Young should be a no-brainer to me, if he can make the weight and hold it.  That means Brands needs to be on decent right now.  Unless Brands is the backup plan to Kimererererererererererererererererer.  Then no drop.

If all falls properly, in the eyes of the Hawkgods, this team could have 9 AAs.  Riddle me this: Does Abe Assad make more sense at 184, if they're close to that Natty title?

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50 minutes ago, BadgerMon said:

Highly doubt that DeSanto drops to 125. He's pretty competitive right where he is.

Competitive or not, if he is willing to be a team guy, and Lee is redshirting, then he is definitely the best option at 125, providing he can make it and keep his pace.

Teasdale has pretty much proven he cannot make 125 as it is.  That gives them one real option, IF they are looking to try and bring home that NC with Lee oly-shirt, which they are very capable of it.

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I hope Flap keeps Saran wrap handy for when he finds a cougar or a skank, in them old days you just had to go to the doctor for a penicillin shot if you got clapped but today the drugs don't work all the time and the county health department will send some investigators to creep around and re-create your footprints, you don't want them finding anything else you've got going on.

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Not sure which is worse: Flap's punctuation or math skills...

125: "no pts at Nattys" = 0 total

133: "14 pts at Nattys" = 14 total

141: "12 pts at Nattys" = 26 total

149: "10 pts at Nattys" = 36 total

157: "12 pts at Nattys" = 48 total

165: "8 pts at Nattys" = 56 total

174: "8 pts at Nattys" = 64 total

184: "2 pts at Nattys" = 66 total

197: "14 pts at Nattys" = 80 total

HVW: "10 pts at Nattys" = 90 total

"Now gents the Voice of Wrestlings been reel generous on all this and giving you the reel dealio and it totals to 118 pts the way I cipher thats likely a touch high" --- Yes, Flap, that's about 28 points too high, the way I cipher it. Flap must have been using that "new math" he uses when he's calculating billable hours on a tear-off job.

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2 hours ago, Sstern said:

I’m no prude but do Flap’s posts seem to be getting a little more unacceptably profane?  Almost to the point where it seems there is an alternative Flap writing these?

The absence of a reference to the world's oldest and gratest sport, and not mentioning us amigos are like a family to him, do raise suspicion.

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11 hours ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

If Flap is right about this lineup, all of the haters (of which there are many) should be forced to publicly apologize and have their homes reshingled.  And I'm talking about the good stuff, the slate tiles. None of that low-class asphalt jazz. 

Yes but only if he doesn’t bring Wallace with him. 

Wallace ain’t no good around other men’s wives if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean!


Sorry, I just couldn’t resist writing this!

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21 minutes ago, wrestlingphish said:


Are you saying he was average size for the weight or he was an average wrestler?

Average size, my man.

The worst thing as far as skill goes that might be average was his bottom game.

Everything else was above average at worst and his pace/conditioning made some of them elite. Strength would be a huge factor at 141 for him and I don't think he'd do well at 141 due to this.

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