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Poland Open Tourney Aug 2-4

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Yianni up.  30 sec in, not much happening.  Yianni in ... limp leg out.  Seatbelt / whizzer.  Nada. Neutral.  Kaz warned for passivity.  1:20 in.  Yianni controlling center.  Kaz on clock?  Yes.  Flurries but no deep shot.  Kaz in to ankle.  Ref stops it.  Not sure why.  1-0 Yianni with shot clock point.  
2:40 in .. Flurry at end as Kaz whips Yianni around, Yianni goes for shot but gets stuck down on base, preventing a push out.  No points.
Yianni not firing much.
2nd period.  Kaz sent back to corner for wipe down.   Hard snap from Kaz.  Wrist control for Kaz but Yianni fires.  First attempt doesn't work buy Yianni reaches up and pushes Kaz off to the side and Yianni jumps behind.  2.  3-0 Yianni.
1:45 to go.  Action happening but no deep scrambles.  Yianni fires and misses.  Kaz lowers and goes but misses as Yianni jumps to side.  Yianni in, deep.  scramble.  Kaz over top, Yianni tries to tilt to back. No.  Scramble.  Yianni converts on the edge!  5-0.  Yianni in again.  Has both legs.  Gets it and a leg lace!!   It is over!  11-0!  Nice win.
Thank you for that

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2 minutes ago, nom said:

Ankle - you posted that 55 minutes ago.  Now he is up in 6 matches.  Wow, going slow. Unless you were looking from the top of the list.  The match at the bottom of the list is the next one up.

They took a dinner break

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