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Who wins 141 in 2019-2020? (POLL)

Who wins 141 in 2019-2020? (POLL)  

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  1. 1. Who wins 141?

    • Nick Lee (PSU)
    • Dom Demas (Oklahoma)
    • Tariq Wilson (NC State)
    • Kaid Brock (OSU)
    • Mitch McKee (Minnesota)
    • Grant Leeth (Missouri)
    • Chad Red (nebraska)
    • Sa'derian Perry (ODU)
    • Other (non freshman)
    • Freshman (Redshirt or True)

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I just read Hayes May wrestle off with Sasso at 149. If he were to win, I think Sasso goes 157 and Pletcher bumps up to 141 and Decatur goes 133. That scenario depends on Decatur being ready as well.

If Hayes loses to Sasso, he may bump down another class to 141, and Pletcher could stay at 133 or even redshirt, along with Kerk and Karchla. I like this scenario the best, having Pletcher redshirt, giving him another year amd join the freshman studs coming off redshirt the following season.

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On 8/5/2019 at 9:44 AM, Housebuye said:

Also - Grant Leeth I think is a legit pick here. He rarely gets taken down. He is also huge for 141. Plus this is his 12th year in college. 

So he's got that old man strength going for him.

I'll pick Eierman, who I still think may back out of his ORS.

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On 8/6/2019 at 2:53 PM, Housebuye said:

He gassed against Moran badly. Credit to Moran, but Lee avenged that and badly at Big 10s (11-3). 

Lee finished 5th last year. He lost to McKenna and Demas at NCAAs, both in highly competitive markets. Eierman and Yianni both would be favorites over him, but neither is wrestling. 

Lee will start the season as #2 behind Demas. He has wins over 3 of the returning AAs (McKee, Red, Perry) along with Murin. I just don't see anyone who would be a favorite over him next year besides Demas. Leeth, Wilson and Brock are on his level I believe, but for right now he is a favorite over them too. 

I think Lee placing top 3 is totally reasonable, and picking him to win a title this year makes sense too. This is the only shot he has, assuming Yianni and Eierman come back to 141 next year. 

Unless he's been injured the last two years (and will be 100% next year), I think Brock is third tier, along with guys like Moran, Murin and Moore.  Obviously really good, and a potential AA, but I don't see him consistently beating guys like Lee, Demas, Wilson and Leeth.

I'm picking Demas to win, while acknowledging the caveats previously mentioned, and I actually think a guy like Shoop could have a miracle run (similar to the 15 seed 2018 149 finalist from Lock Haven), as a great top game is quite a tournament asset.

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On 8/5/2019 at 1:06 PM, Bryan said:

Chad Red is the best athlete but he must get and stay focused for the entire season

Is he the best athlete? And can lack of focus be applied to other wrestlers on the list who didn’t win it already?

we had a whole thread about these labels that got locked. 

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