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pa in taiwan

Coaching Decisions: Seeking Clarification

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I am not the most knowledgeable about freestyle strategies, but watching Trent Hidlay's loss to Alik Shebzukhov in the semifinal match at 86kg really left me scratching my chin and wondering about the US corner's decision to throw the challenge brick.

I would appreciate it if someone could clarify the thinking behind this action, because to me the situation looked like this.

Hidlay is down 2-1, with 1:10 remaining on the clock. 

There's a flurry on the edge, and Shebzukhov is awarded a point for a pushout. I am not addressing whether Shebzukhov stepped out first; from the angle I saw, it was close, but he didn't step out.

Now the score is 3-1, and the corner throws the brick. To me, this seems like a stupid and senseless decision. There is now 1:05 remaining in the match. If the US wins the challenge and Hidlay receives the point for the pushout, the score will be 2-2, but Shebzukhov, with the only takedown in the match, will still be in the lead. (Is this statement accurate?)

Without throwing the brick, Hidlay is still in the position to win the match with a takedown.

Anyway, the US loses the challenge, the score goes to 4-1, Hidlay subsequently scores a takedown and loses 4-3.

What was the upside of the decision to throw the challenge brick?





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I think the only ones who can answer your question are the coaches in the corner. If you’re looking for speculation...they either reallly thought it was an easy call, or they got desperate. 

And yes you are correct. Criteria goes to the highest point value in one score. If those are even then it goes to last point scored. 

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I'm surprised that the general consensus here is the opinion that Kevin Jack lost the match for Hidlay, but, hey, let's give him credit because at least he offered a mea culpa. I would go a bit farther and say that USA wrestling should set up some rules about who has access to the challenge brick. Serious coaches should never become "emotionally involved" in a match to the point where they make a decision that costs an athlete his goal and potentially costs the team a title. 

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