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Jimmy Cinnabon

T/F: 2019-2020 season is Marnelli's best shot at a title

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He'll find another way to choke. It's not like Marsteller is some sort of quirky wrestler that's a bad style match-up and that Smith guy almost knocked him out in the first round.

Beating Joseph during the regular season or even Big Tens doesn't mean anything - just ask IMar (I'm not happy about it either).

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I don’t think he choked. His losses this past year were totally reasonable and he had the worst draw I’ve ever seen for a 1 seed. 

First round he gets a two time AA, quarters he gets the guy who becomes champ (and even before that had a junior world gold and had a freestyle win over Marinelli), then he gets the #1 p4p recruit who is given his last shot at redemption...seeding doesn’t always work that well. He realistically would’ve placed higher from the 2,3 or 6 seed. On top of that he was dealing with personal issues that were totally out of his control (his fiancé le’s brother died in a car crash)  

To answer OP - he has a real shot. I think maybe David Carr if he goes 165 could challenge him, obviously Cenzo is always a threat, and also the kid from Stanford who redshirted last year is super high level and not a great style matchup for Marinelli. 

If I had to pick, I’d say he places top 3 but doesn’t win it

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