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Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

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32 minutes ago, MSU158 said:

With Geer at 197, what happens to 184?  Maybe that settles for 2020-2021, but this upcoming season I would say they are better of with Geer at 184.

As far as tOSU goes, they won a title because of Logan Stieber and he was much more the catalyst for success than Snyder.  The Snyder name has since taken over, but a 4x Champ was HUGE and compounding it, with a team title the same year as his 4th, was a huge selling point.

Fix helps, to a point, but not winning it at 133 tones that down a smidge. If he does well at Worlds, maybe that trumps the NCAA result.  But, If he doesn't win it again next season, I think his "brand" takes a knock.  Regardless, Smith has always been a great recruiter.  His 2020 class makes a lot of sense, regardless of Fix, since I would think he really only has significant money tied up in Fix, Picc and maybe Brock.  Boo, Gfeller and Geer may have some partials.  I would assume that his son doesn't tie up much scholly money.  Wittlake may have a bit, but he seems to have fizzled a bit and may not be getting that much.  With Rogers, Jacobe Smith, Weigel and White all leaving that had to have freed up a decent amount of money.  

Going forward, landing an Amos or Ferrari type up top is paramount.  Another title contender up top to go with Plott could be enough to put them over the top.

You are right that it was probably more Stieber than Snyder that built the brand.

You are also right Fix has to win his next shot at an NCAA title or it absolutely knocks the shine off of him.  

I don't think they land the 2020 class they currently have without Fix already on board.  

OSU always does well with in state guys who can go to school their super cheap.  They have not hit on their big recruit out of state guys nearly as often as Cael in the past 10 years.  Those are the guys who tie up scholarship money and you can't afford (literally) to have big time recruits show up and fail as often as they have at OSU.  

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I think John Smith is one of the all time greats but other than wrestling there isn’t much to offer.  Even the Big 10 rejected them for mediocre academics and it will ho itself out for tv ratings for just about any school (see Rutgers).

Getting elite out of state recruits has to be hard for them.

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