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Never before seen video of our beloved Anti-Hero immediately after the match

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He is still about to collapse from exhaustion, and this was how long after the action ended?  There were several minutes when the judges were trying to decide who won (this is when Jads famously tried to influence the judging).  When he took a knee in front of the reporter — that was just trying too hard.

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12 hours ago, Shiraz123 said:

He's saying he took 5 leg attacks. One of the coaches is saying even the American fans consider Jadidi the winner. 

that's Khadem's dad. I remember those interviews. the longer versions. don't want to repeat them here though.

btw Jadidi was unlucky in his 2nd Olympics too. losing the bronze medal match to Rodriguez , the match ended 0-0 (which was impossible at the time) and Jadidi even celebrated the bronze medal because of having less passivity cautions but after couple minutes they told him OK, we gave 1 point to Rodriguez in chest-to-chest action early in the match, we just forgot to put that on the scoreboard !

at the time, in case of 0-0 we had chest-to-chest at the start of 2nd period. in that specific match they gave no points. the center referee thought Jadidi stepped out and blew the whistle and stopped the match but if I'm not wrong the judge and mat chairman said no. he wasn't out (the right call) and they let the match continue (which was a mistake, they had to re-start the action). which was against the rules. per rules someone had to score on chest-to-chest. they only realized that after the match, they gave a point to Rodriguez just to justify their own mistake.

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