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Schedule and Streaming

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I see the schedule is:

Saturday, September 14

11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 55-63-72-82kg)
18:00-19:30: Semifinals (GR 55-63-72-82kg)

Sunday, September 15

11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 67-87-97kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (GR 55-63-72-82kg)
16:45-17:30: Opening Ceremony
18:00-18:45: Semifinals (GR 67-87-97kg)
19:00-22:00: Finals (GR 55-63-72-82kg)

Monday, September 16

11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 60-77-130kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (GR 67-87-97kg)
17:00-17:45: Semifinals (GR 60-77-130kg)
18:00-20:30: Finals (GR 67-87-97kg)

Tuesday, September 17

11:00-15:00: Qualification Rounds (WW 50-53-55-72kg)
11:00-15:00: Repechage (GR 60-77-130kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WW 50-53-55-72kg)
18:00-20:30: Finals (GR 60-77-130kg)
Wednesday, September 18

11:00-15:00: Qualification Rounds (WW 57-59-65-76kg)
11:00-15:00: Repechage (WW 50-53-55-72kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WW 57-59-65-76kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (WW 50-53-55-72kg)

Thursday, September 19

11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (WW 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (WW 57-59-65-76kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WW 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (WW 57-59-65-76kg)

Friday, September 20

11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (FS 70-74-92-125kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (WW 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (FS 70-74-92-125kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (WW 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg)

Saturday, September 21

11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (FS 61-79-86-97kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (FS 70-74-92-125kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (FS 61-79-86-97kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (FS 70-74-92-125kg)

Sunday, September 22

15:30-17:30: Repechage (FS 61-79-86-97kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (FS 61-79-86-97kg)

In stating on the 14th that the qualification rounds start at 11:00 AM. Is that our time or in Kazakhstan time? I live in Illinois, I was wondering? 

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1 hour ago, 77again said:

Those times are Kazak time. Subtract 10 hours for EST. Preliminary rounds will begin at midnight on east coast and run until 5am. Stock up on mountain dew.

THank you.  I'm not a math guy, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to watch prelims on the west coast starting at 9 pm - 2 am?  Not too bad.  

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Men's Freestyle Schedule


Thursday 9/19

  • Qual               1:00am-6:00am        57-65
  • Semis             6:45am-7:45am        57-65

Friday 9/20

  • Qual               1:00am-6:00am        70-74-92-125           
  • Rpchg            1:00am-6:00am        57-65
  • Semis             6:45am-7:45am        70-74-92-125
  • Finals             8:00am-11:00am      57-65

Saturday 9/21

  • Qual               1:00am-6:00am        61-79-86-97                         
  • Rpchg            1:00am-6:00am        70-74-92-125
  • Semis             6:45am-7:45am        61-79-86-97
  • Finals             8:00am-11:00am      70-74-92-125

Sunday 9/22

  • Rpchg            5:30am-7:30am        61-79-86-97
  • Finals             8:00am-11:00am      61-79-86-97
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