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California's bid to overtake PSU

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17 hours ago, ThatLogSchuteWasCarrying said:

I disagree, I think it would have a larger impact in wrestling than in football/basketball.  Imagine a Penn State that doesn't even have to pretend to be in alignment with 9.9 scholarships, and an Oklahoma State, Iowa, Ohio State, Minnesota, etc trying to keep up. The only thing that would keep any semblance of balance intact is that only one guy per weight per team would be able to compete in the postseason.  This isn't about Rudis being able to cut a check to the Kyle Snyder's of the sport while they're still in school to be part of an ad campaign. This is about boosters being a being able to hand recruits, above board and with no risk or crime involved for anyone, as much as they're willing to pay out to get them on campus and keep them there in exchange for an autograph. I think the end result would be a lot of lower level programs dropped as they're unable to stay competitive since the one thing they can offer, a full ride scholarship vs. walking on or a partial at a bigger school, gets negated. And also anybody they have who does wrestle well as an underclassman would be even easier to pick off by a school with boosters willing to pay. 

I won't deny that this is a possible outcome. But the change is inevitable. No longer (or not much longer) will these institutions be allowed to make billions while telling these young kids (many of the impoverished) they can't make a dime (literally). In my opinion this is a better route than trying to figure out how to pay some kind of even stipend across all sport at a university. A lot of kids still won't make any money, but for them, a scholarship will be worth it. And the idea of amateurism in football/basketball was dead long ago, anyways. Much like the Olympics. So this is a positive/logical step.

9 hours ago, Fishbane said:

In the NBA players get about half of the league revenue in salary.  That isn't divided evenly.  LeBron James gets a bigger share then Jeremy Lin.  How much of that $900million should the best most marketable player get? 

They won't get anything directly from the NCAA or the Universities (other than a scholarship) so it won't directly cut into the NCAAs profits. But they will be able to make whatever anyone is willing to pay them outside of that.

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12 hours ago, ionel said:

But explain specifically how the NCAA (not Duke etc) made millions off of his likeness.  The NCAA must be sitting on a bank account with billions and billions of dollars (maybe trillions) for all the thousands of millions of dollars they've made over the last decades and centuries from hundreds of thousands of athletes.  ;_;

You seemed confused on how the NCAA operates.  The NCAA exists to benefit it's member institutions.  Duke is part of the NCAA, a member institution. I don't know why you are trying to draw some distinction between the NCAA and its member institutions.  The NCAA only directly takes in money from the championships it runs.  It wont be directly selling any specific players photograph or image rights post Ed O'Bannon.   It has a TV deal with CBS for the broadcast rights to the men's NCAA basketball tournament that in the later years will pay over $1 billion annually.  This is money CBS is paying to broadcast the players' image as part of the games. How much of that can be attributed to a single player isn't straightforward.  There are fewer than 5300 total athletes in D1 men's basketball and only about 1000 participate in the tournament.   That's about $1 million dollars in revenue per participant for just the tv rights and that's including all players including bench players.  I am sure the best most marketable player accounts for more than the average.

What do you think ultimately happens with the money taken in by the NCAA?  Some goes to expenses and the rest gets distributed back to member institutions and conferences.  What do you think the conferences do with the money they get? Some goes to expenses some gets distributed back to member institutions. 

All these institutions (NCAA, conferences, ACC, universities, Duke, ect.) non-profit so the money they take in gets spent. The NCAA has taken in billions and billions.  It has been distributed back to member institutions and conferences.  Some conferences independently have independently taken in billions and billions of dollars.  That has been distributed among it's member institutions. Institutions use this to fund other sports, coaches salaries, administrators, facilities, scholarships, and in some cases expenses on the academic side.  In the case of Zion for his services he received 1 year of education which he probably didn't even really want.

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