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Which Twiiter accounts do you follow for wrestling

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There are some good twitter accounts for International wrestling.  Do you have any good ones that you would recommend?

Below are the few that I found informative




https://twitter.com/SethPetar  (this one has lots of political posts included, so follow at your own discretion)




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8 hours ago, Keisha_Phillips said:

Petar thinks he knows everything and really is not that informative.  He's a pass for me.  The others are pretty good.  Vinay Siwach posts a lot about team India.

I feel the same. I used to like it and his rankings are pretty good but now 90% of his stuff is not why I was following him in the first place. There are other & better places I can go for comedy and politics. 

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Here are some of the ones I follow but you'll have to actually get the ID. I'm driving and can't type in the URL.

Open Mat - Earl Smith does an outstanding job and they, in my opinion, are the best at the written word in wrestling. Flo has all the videos, podcast, etcetera but the Open Mat College previews, team previews, and so on and so forth are the best hands down.

Nomad, Willie & Christian - all of the flo guys do a good job. Fact you should probably go to Flo's Twitter account as well. I wish Brad Key would do more on Twitter.

Dan Seifring

Wrestle Stat

Pin Fall Recruiting

Mat Talk Online

EarlofTOM - Earl Smith from Ppen Mat

Adam Tirapelle 

Clovis Wrestling 

Track Wrestling

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