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(DAY 6) Mensah-Stock, Miracle and (men) Retherford, Fix

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FLO announcers are way, way preferable.  They stick to the action.  These two Track guys just want to reminisce, talk about issues in other countries, speculate about what the wrestlers could be doing, etc.  Stick to the bloody match, you fools.   They also have very low energy and speak in monotones.  

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On Mat D is currently rus vs Egypt and afterwards micic

2 minutes ago, Giovanni said:

Scramble Cam on Track does commentary. But as others on this forum have commented, it is pretty hit or miss.

I don't think I can use trackwrestling but I thought about a chatbox for the forum, like IRC Chat or something 

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6 minutes ago, pa in taiwan said:

Iran beats BLR at the buzzer with a takedown at 57kg.

Uguev also wins with a takedown in the last 20 seconds. He looked terrible against Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is this year's Euro champ with a win over Uguev there, so no slouch.

Trailed 3-0 with about a minute to go in this one. Then got to two body locks and was able to finish both for TDs to come out on top 4-3. Russia pulls another one out their ass..

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