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Jimmy Cinnabon

How would Yianni fare with Zain's draw?

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Yianni could have done better, a loss is a loss though so he couldnt have done worse then 0-1. 

Yianni would obviously outscramble Sadulaev, causing him to freak out and go to his back out of pure confusion on what just happened.

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I was really pulling for Zain to do well and was very disappointed by the result. I just feel he isn’t equipped in some way to wrestle the foreign competitors. I think it could be mental since international style is so much stop and go in the action and that isn’t Zains style so he is having to conform more than those that he is wrestling and it’s more unnatural for him and he isn’t seeing that in most domestic matches he wrestles. He also doesn’t have the early experience of Junior worlds against international competition. I also think Yianni just seems to love competing over seas and brings it when he gets the chance to but either way he has to get past a Final X if he wants to make waves internationally.


That being said, You can’t take away the fact that Yianni did beat a couple of the guys in the semis this year. Bajrang being tired (even though it seemed he wrestled his butt off at BTS) I don’t think would result in Yianni being teched by him this week or that there would have been a different result with Muszukajev (especially since he looked just as gassed in these matches.) If anything I think Yianni would have had a good strategy for him.


Butttt- that draw was horrific and even though in my opinion I think Yianni could have scrambled better against Toby, I don’t think he would have gotten much further especially if he ran into Rashidov/Oto/Aliev. 

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