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Aliyev Rashidov Robbery

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Well my take was that Rashidov did spin his body, and it looked to me that he was trying to get free of Aliev's grasp, and in doing so, he fell to the mat in an uncontrolled manner, so unless Aliev touched out of bounds first, I think it should've been a point for Aliev. 

As far as Barjang and  Niyazbekov, are concerned, I looked at the controversial call, and it did look to me that Niyazbekov did reach into Barjang's upper thigh area. So, I guess the referees had to decide do they go with Niyazbekov's movements or Barjang's? I really don't know which one is correct. But what I did think is that Niyazbekov's actions in the 2nd period should've been looked at a little closer. I thought that he deserved a couple of cautious at the very least. 

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