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Is Zain becoming Metcalf 2.0?

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12 hours ago, MDogg said:

If you want to compare Metcalf and Zain that’s fair (though probably premature), but one of the biggest factors they have in common is they’re both tweeners. I don’t think either belong at 143lbs, but I also don’t think they are big enough to go 165lbs. 

If you look at all of our NCAA weights and how they fit into Olympic weight classes, I think 149lbs has the worst fit. 16lbs is just too much to make the jump to 74kg...and cutting another 6lbs down from 149 is brutal for most guys at that weight. 

When you have a 20lb gap in weight classes in the middle weights it’s going to screw some guys over...and in this case it’s guys who would naturally wrestle between 150-155lbs if given the chance. That’s clearly Metcalf and Zain. That’s inevitable when you only have 6 weight classes.

Alan Fried agrees with this idea. 

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2 hours ago, Pennsy Kraken said:

Let's not insult Snyder by comparing Zane's freestyle results to him. Zane has great top game which has almost zero value in freestyle. He got his doors blown in by that Cuban. The score was in no way indicative of the result

Huh? The Cuban got a takedown and 2guts early. Everything else was counters. Zain was down by 6 early.  He then outscored the Cuban 9-4.  Not sure those results are blowing the doors off.  Yes, great counter offense is very important. So I'm not taking away from the Cuban.  I'm just saying Zane didn't get the doors blown off. If Zain fishes that last takedown clean for a 2-0 instead of 1-2 he wins the match on criteria. 

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11 hours ago, alliseeisgold said:

yes it is metcalf all over again. Zain is a damn GAMER .....((domestically))...........internationally, eh not so much

Against yanni zain was free, loose, flowing, focused aggression, and last night he comes out stiff, timid ,stiff, conservative -- and did you see how weak his closing charge was to score with over a minute left.  It wasn't the same zain. I bought the coolaid that it would be and yanni prep would help him. I was wrong. There is a reason some countries use tournaments to send the best guy than just wrestleoff. 

Yanni is an international gamer. Zain is a domestic gamer

The cuban had nothing else besides upper body and defense.  Zain also got the benefit of multiple calls. It actually wasn't as close as the scoreboard. It was more zain's deficiencies than the opponent being so great. Yes, I think yanni beats the cuban.



I think Yianni would have beat him too. I don't, but because on 1 exchange in particular.  The very first takedown.  When that first exchange happened at the beginning, the Cuban shot.  Zain was turned out at first but was able to kick over. Zain got taken down but as it was happening I thought, that is the ideal counter position for Yianni.  That takedown let to 6 points and inevitably the match. 

However, I still think Zain can medal down the road... He will have to get through Yianni which going forward I don't know that he can. Yianni will be his biggest barrier. 

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