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Freestyle Day Two discussion thread

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2 hours ago, cjc007 said:

Total disrespect to the Iranian. He made a joke out if his knee pads. Saying he can't get to Gwiz'd legs, then saying he's actually 3rd on the Iranian team.


Basically not in Gwiz's class.


But handily over Gwiz.




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Now Hrovat is saying how tough the Iranian  is and what a learning experience it was for  Gwiz.

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I rewatched Greens loss, and his opponent definitely did not secure his other leg. Is it normally a takedown in freestyle if you are on your butt but the opponent doesn’t have the other leg? I didn’t think it was but haven’t seen that much.

Also rewatched the end of Burroughs first one because I was a afraid it would get reversed. Looked like they made the right call. The other guys foot was out just a split second before Burroughs head hit out and before any scoring action started 

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