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Predict the 2020 Olympic Team

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57: Fix 

65: Yianni 

74: JB 

86: Taylor*

97: Cox*

125: Gable

*I think cox wins whichever weight he decides to go to. If J’Den drops to 86 he bumps Taylor off the team and Snyder goes at 97. I think it’s more likely he’s at 97 though, I seem to recall Cox saying 86 was a tough cut with the old weigh in rules, which makes me doubt he could make it with day of weigh ins 


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18 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

Isn't Cassar going 97?

No idea.

Obviously he won't be favored going into the Olympic trials, whether he's at 97 or 125.

But I decided to just go ahead and call it now.

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Every Olympics we have a random rep or two. In 2016 it was Dan Denis and Frank Molinaro. There has to be at least one in 2020

57 Garrett

65 Yianni 

74 Hall (Dake and Burroughs are our for injuries, Hall beats Nolf 2/3 after Nolf beats IMar in a crazy controversial match)

86 jden (nobody has a bye, DT is coming off injury, only other guys to worry about are Ringer and Zahid, neither of which have the style to win)

97 Snyder

125 Gable (please jump levels and win the Olympics)

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