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Jimmy Cinnabon

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On 9/21/2019 at 5:29 PM, HokieHWT said:

Hey man, you won fair and square. Please post your name and address and the $200 check will be sent out Monday.

I totally forgot about this bet.   Very stand up of you to remind me.  However, I do not need the $200.

In lieu of paying me you can make a donation of the equivalent amount to my favorite wrestling club;



God bless.

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I am declaring Jimmy Cinnabon the winner in this one. Well played. 

EDIT: HokieHwt can pull out a last second come from behind victory by calling Cinnabon's bluff and making that contribution to the Penn State wrestling club and posting the receipt online. If he does this, I will change the result faster than a Cornell Lawyer. 

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