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Push outs in College?

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17 hours ago, red blades said:

I also like the current rule that allows wrestling to continue so long as at least part of one wrestler is in the cylinder; a lot of good action occurs in this situation, and we see takedowns instead of pushouts.

This is my favorite argument against the push out point. I do like the continued action, completed takedowns and nearfall. I don't know if I like all that more than the strategic edge play of a push out, as action goes. I think it's just different.

Cheers on a great point though, red blades. 

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I would assume everyone here wants to see action but some want to reward a competitor for pushing their opponent away from where most want to see the action, which is in the middle of the mat? This seems IS counterproductive.
No. If you push into an opponent, you'll get taken down easily.

The push out rewards the aggressive wrestler, not the guy diving out of bounds to save a td.

It also creates action, reduces restarts, and takes the subjective stall call out.

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