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Pro’s of a freshman redshirting:

Get a year to acclimate to the college campus and classes before the added strain of a full season.

Gives you a year to get to the optimal weight class and sustain it the right way.   

Get a year of maturing physically to compete at the college level. 

Get a year to improve your lacking techniques so you can be competitive at the college level. 

Coach gets a year to shuffle the line up in order to best fit everyone.    


Pro’s of a non-freshman’s redshirting:

Gives your body a year to recoup to help prevent injury.  

Gives you a year to clean up some technique for one last tournament run. 

Gives you a year to focus on academics more without the strain of a full season.  

Gives you a year to bulk up correctly if your moving up a weight to fill a spot.

Give the coach more ability to shuffle the line up and get the right person into the best spots. 


For con’s there aren’t to many I can think of.  Sure if your athletically ready they probably could put you out there, but holding you out helps with some other factors like academics.   Maybe a con could be it delays you from finishing up and graduating. 


Reason for the coach pulling your redshirt:

They need you in the lineup for more team points at NCAA’s.  

The seasons falling apart quick and they need you in the dual lineup rather than a FF or a walk-on in order to try to save some face and maybe keep their job.  

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49 minutes ago, Panther78 said:

Can someone give me a simple explanation pros and cons of redshirting? 

What exactly does it mean for the kid that redshirts?

When does that have to be declared?

Re: the other parts of your question, a wrestler that is redshirting will practice and train with the team, but cannot compete for the team in an official capacity.  For events that they can compete in (largely just open tournaments), they're technically supposed to pay their own way, find their own transportation to and from the events, not be coached by their NCAA coaches, etc.  This is called wrestling "unattached."  

You don't have to officially "declare" a redshirt.  If at any point during the season you compete attached for your school, you've "burned" your redshirt and this season will count against your 4 years of eligibility.  

Other potential cons of redshirting include:

1) In theory you only get one redshirt.  If you use it as a true freshman (by far the most common occurrence), you lose some flexibility to redshirt in the future if you needed to for whatever reason.  

2) $$$.  For the school, resources are finite and 9.9 scholarships can only go so far.  Keeping a bunch of redshirts on scholarship further stretches what's already thin funding for wrestling programs.  For the athlete, most are not on guaranteed multi-year scholarships.  

3) Training for an entire year and not being able to compete with your team can suck--especially if you're one of the only guys doing it.  Staying disciplined throughout an entire season is difficult, and potentially even more so when you're not competing for anything meaningful.  Having strong team cohesion and other guys on the team in the same or similar situations can be crucial.  Plenty of redshirt years have seemingly been wasted by guys just going through the motions. 

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