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David Taylor Status?

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All will be very interested in how Taylor is doing.  I think he’s our best shot at Gold at 86kg.  I’m in the camp that Cox will go up in weight.  Even with Cox at 86kg.  But only if Taylor is doing great and has had time to train well.  

That said, we know that Penn State shields this info with the mindset on what is best for Taylor.  Even so as to mess with WTT.  They think long term.  Very strategic.  Also think of Suriano his freshman year before big 10s and NCAAs...remember, he was drilling - all is good.  In that case it was outright disinformation, NCAA brackets and the rest of the wrestlers be damned.  

This is the Olympics we are talking about.  Expect no info and if there is info, I’m sure many won’t trust it.

And just to be clear, if Penn State does it, it is OK.

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