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8 hours ago, MDogg said:

I do remember that Tariq match and how close it was. Even though it ended in a pin it was an OT pin so I won’t try to spin it. If not for that one close match Gross had in the NCAA tournament I’d be even more incredulous when it comes to how much Gross is being overlooked (by a large swath of people, not you specifically) going into this season. He thoroughly dominated everyone else. There aren’t too many examples in the past 5 or so years where a guy was that dominant in the NCAA tournament and didn’t wind up winning the hodge. Imar’s ncaa tournament his freshman year comes to mind...where he dominated everyone except for James Green in the semis.

I don’t have anything against Demas and Lee, I just don’t think they’re typical of the level where the #1 and #2 contenders are at most weights most years. There are some thin weights every year and 141 isn’t the only thin weight this year...I don’t think the top 1-2 guys at 149 or 197 are on Gross’ level either.

Will be fun to watch play out this season. 

I agree with you on Demas, kinda one dimensional.  However, I think that one dimension is the big move, not just the inside trip.  Kinda reminds me of Bowles from Cuba, always a threat for the big move, even though you know it is coming.  Plus he has sweet Lou in his corner (someone I think Snyder should go train with). 

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I'm pretty sure I heard (on FRL) that WNO was Ryan Jack's first freestyle match ever.  Although his brother clearly coached him up prior, his performance looks even better in retrospect, and I can't wait to see him in college.

Overall, I was just amazed at the wrestling quality on display Saturday night, and think it's a fantastic opportunity for these kids.

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