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DII OpenMat Rankings

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UPSDATED, thanks Bob..............

1 Carlos Jacquez Sr Lindenwood IV
2 Josh Portillo R-Jr Nebraska Kearney VI
3 Cole Laya So West Liberty III
4 Marcus Povlick Sr McKendree IV
5 Tyler Kreith Jr Maryville IV
6 Cole Jones Jr MSU Moorhead VI
7 Brendan Howard Sr Pitt-Johnstown I
8 Nick Daggett Jr UNC Pembroke III
9 Jonathan Andreatta R-So Adams St VI
10 Robert Campos R-Jr Notre Dame III
11 Blake Glogouski Sr Lake Erie III
11 Matt Wilde Jr Kutztown I
13 Melvin Rubio Jr Queens III
14 Brandon Lucas So Bellarmine III
15 Tanner Cole R-So Central Oklahoma VI
16 Jacob Dunlop Jr Gannon I
1 Tyler Warner R-Jr Pitt-Johnstown I
2 Wesley Dawkins R-Jr Nebraska Kearney VI
3 Hunter Bray R-Jr Notre Dame III
4 Garrett Vos R-So St. Cloud State VI
5 Justin Folley Sr Upper Iowa VI
6 Alexis Soriano Jr Mercyhurst I
7 D'Andre Brumfield R-Sr CSU Pueblo VI
8 Ana Abduljelil R-Jr Indianapolis III
9 Tanner Hitchcock So Lindenwood IV
10 Austin Hertel Jr Gannon I
11 Sha'Mun Smith So Limestone II
12 Airk Furseth R-Jr UW Parkside V
13 Alan Diltz Sr Seton Hill I
14 Timmy Martinez R-Jr Newberry II
15 Nate Keaton R-Fr West Liberty III
16 Taylor Jokerst R-So Maryville IV
1 Isiah Royal Jr Newberry II
2 Brandon Ball Sr Fort Hays State IV
3 Danny Swan Sr Lindenwood IV
4 Darius Bunch Sr West Liberty III
5 Louis Sanders Sr MSU Mankato V
6 Nathan Keim R-So Central Oklahoma IV
7 Jason Hanenberg So Western State VI
8 Dylan Udero Sr Adams St VI
9 Jonathan Killingsworth R-Jr Nebraska Kearney VI
10 Jonathan Miller Jr UNC Pembroke II
11 Kolton Roth Jr Northern State V
12 Nathan Smith R-So UW Parkside V
13 Chandler Minnard R-Sr Ashland III
14 Alex Felix R-Fr SFSU VI
15 Garrett Aldrich R-Fr St Cloud State V
16 Nathan Smith R-So UW Parkside V
1 Chris Eddins Sr Pitt-Johnstown I
2 Gavin Londoff Sr Lindenwood IV
3 James Pleski R-Sr St. Cloud State V
4 Kameron Frame R-So Newman IV
5 Kyle Rathman Jr MSU Mankato V
6 Damien Penichet R-Sr Newberry II
7 Taylor Misuna Sr Notre Dame III
8 Natrelle Demison Sr Adams State VI
9 Chase Clasen Sr Chadron St VI
10 Gage Branson Sr Bellarmine II
11 Faris Messai R-Jr Gannon I
12 Pernevlon Sheppard R-Sr UW Parkside V
13 Noah Ottum R-Jr CSU Mines VI
14 Matt Rose R-Sr Limestone II
15 Austin Shaw R-Sr Seton Hill I
16 Noah Hermosillo R-So Adams St  
1 Jake Barzowski R-Jr St. Cloud State V
2 Nate Smalling R-Sr McKendree IV
3 James Wimer Sr Findlay III
4 Austin Palmer Sr Newberry II
5 Kevin Almond Jr Emmanuel II
6 Skyler Lykins R-Jr CSU Mines VI
7 Efe Osaghe Jr Fort Hays State IV
8 Tyler Makosy R-Sr UNC Pembroke II
9 Jojo Gonzalez Jr American Intl I
10 Chad Haegele R-Jr Kutztown I
11 Isaiah Diggs R-Sr CSU Pueblo VI
12 Zach Kelly Sr Notre Dame III
13 Max Schneider Sr SFSU VI
14 Payton Tawater R-Jr CSU Mesa VI
15 Josiah Rider R-Fr Adams St VI
16 Tyler Lucas R-So Central Oklahoma IV
1 Matt Malcom R-Jr Nebraska Kearney VI
2 Devin Austin R-Sr Pitt-Johnstown I
3 Tyler Harrington Sr Maryville I
4 Devin Fitzpatrick R-Jr St. Cloud St VI
5 Brock Benitz R-Jr Upper Iowa VI
6 Dan Fillipek R-Jr McKendree I
7 Logan Grass R-Sr Mercyhurst I
8 Jashon Hubbard R-So Notre Dame III
9 Nick Giantonio So Newberry II
10 Wyatt Jordan Sr Central Oklahoma IV
11 Aryus Jones R-So Fort Hays State IV
12 Hunter Mullin R-So Western State VI
13 Logan Saltou Sr MSU Mankato V
14 Austin Stofer Jr Lindenwood IV
15 Jesse Reser R-So Central Missouri IV
16 Brett Shurina Sr Coker II
1 Connor Craig Jr Pitt-Johnstown I
2 Nick Foster Sr McKendree IV
3 Michael Raccioppi R-Sr East Stroudsburg I
4 Kolton Eischens Sr St. Cloud State V
5 Phil Springsteen R-Jr Mary V
6 Damon Greenwald Sr Seton Hill I
7 Gino Sita Jr Alderson Broaddus I
8 Brett Romanzak Sr Ashland III
9 Robert Gambrell R-Sr CSU Mines VI
10 Matt Pratt Sr Maryville IV
11 Gleason Mappes So Indianapolis III
12 Devin Crawl Jr Central Oklahoma IV
13 Zach Johnston Sr MSU Mankato V
14 Nate Vandermeer Sr Findlay III
15 Aryus Jones So Fort Hays State IV
16 TJ Lambiotte Jr Ohio Valley III
1 Tony Vezzetti Sr Notre Dame III
2 Heath Gray Jr Central Oklahoma IV
3 Brock Biddle R-So Pitt-Johnstown I
4 Aiden Pasiuk Jr Ashland III
5 Justin Pichedwatana Sr SFSU VI
6 Anthony Collins Sr Limestone II
7 Konnor Schmidt R-Sr Western State VI
8 Brandon Sloop R-Jr UNC Pembroke II
9 Brody Connor R-Sr Indianapolis III
10 Tyree Overton Sr St Cloud State V
11 Bailey Kelly Jr Maryville IV
12 ZeBrandon Gant So Newberry II
13 Billy Bowlen R-Jr Seton Hill I
14 Colton Clingenpeel Jr Lindenwood IV
15 Dalton Hahn Jr Upper Iowa V
16 Qiante Wagner Sr McKendree IV
1 Nicholas Mason Jr Tiffin III
2 Nick Baumler Sr Upper Iowa V
3 Ryan Vasbinder Jr McKendree IV
4 Khalil Gipson R-Jr Adams St VI
5 Elijah Seay Sr King II
6 Dylan McBride Sr Western State VI
7 Logan Kemp Sr West Liberty III
8 Wade French Sr Chadron State VI
9 Jared Rennick R-Jr Drury IV
10 Freddie Nixon Jr Gannon I
11 Jared McKindley Sr Lindenwood IV
12 Haszell West R-Sr CSU Pueblo VI
13 Nicholas Weldon Sr Newberry II
14 Job Ayala Sr UW Parkside V
15 Kevin Mulligan R-Jr SFSU VI
16 Dalton Abney R-Fr Central Oklahoma IV
1 Andrew Dunn Jr Kutztown I
2 Jarrod Hinrich Sr Nebraska Kearney VI
3 Tristan Weirich R-Sr Ashland III
4 Voss Morrow Jr Lindenwood IV
5 Derek Berberick Sr Shippensburg I
6 Logan Radik Jr Maryville IV
7 Ramon Correa R-Sr Coker III
8 Weston Hunt Jr CSU Mines VI
9 Jacob Robb R-Jr Mercyhurst I
10 Jordan Will R-So Minot State V
11 Gerardo Jaime Sr Mary V
12 Daniel Bland Sr Limestone III
13 Jordan Magnuson Sr MSU Moorhead V
14 Triston Westerlond Sr Upper Iowa V
15 Michael Siwiec Sr Belmont Abbey II
16 Cade Ridley So King University II


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18 minutes ago, russelscout said:

Wow, no Augustana kids? When I was still coaching they were a top team. Anyone know what happened there?

Augustana is making the transition to DI. I'm assuming that they're not allowed to compete in DII, similar to Cal Baptist. Anyone certain about this?

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12 minutes ago, yonz_g said:

Augustana is making the transition to DI. I'm assuming that they're not allowed to compete in DII, similar to Cal Baptist. Anyone certain about this?

I thought maybe that was the case but they still are showing D2 regionals and nationals on their schedule, so I think they are still competing. When I had originally heard about a move to D1 I was excited as they were a team that I thought could become an SDSU type team. Maybe not.

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