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Top individual wrestlers and biggest team years of canceled programs?

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How about the University of Toledo  (member of the Mid-American Conference)  Al Bohl was the Athletic Director that was instrumental in dropping wrestling....he left there, and went to Fresno State, and did the same thing, later had issue at the University of Kansas.

Dick Torio '51   3rd  `77

Dick Torio '52   4th HWT

Dick Torio '53  3rd  191

Harry Lanzi  '51 3rd HWT

Harry Lanzi  '52  1st 191

Ed Lanzi  '53 4th  177

Dick Wilson '59 2nd to Andy Fitch Yale  115

Dick Wilson '60 2nd to Gray Simon LH 115

Dick Wilson '61 2nd to Gray Simon LH

Don Wem  '55  4th 177  (lost to Dan Hodge in the semis)

Merrill Solowin  '63   4th HWT

Merrill Solowin  '64  3rd  HWT

Phil McCartney  '67  6th  152

Dave Keller  '68  4th  115

Ron Junko  '70  6th  126

Greg Wojciechowski   '70  2nd  HWT

Greg Wojciechowski   '71  1st  HWT

Greg Wojciechowski   '72  2nd  HWT

Myron Shapiro   '75  3rd  118

Brad Smith  '76  4th  142  (2 Brad Smith's at that weight, the other being Brad Smith/Iowa...NCAA Champion)

Chuck Biggert   '79  7th   150

John Potts   '86   5th   HWT

UT was 6th in the NCAA IN '51 and 4th in 1952.

UT hosted 17 World Cups in Toledo, including the first one in 1973

With the right coach, who knows how good they could have continued to be.




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I'm not going to post it all here just because there's so much to be posted, but here's what I can give you. 

Top 10 finishes of any Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA or CCCAA school that no longer has wrestling

Every NCAA Division I NCAA qualifier and All American from schools that no longer have wrestling

Every NCAA Division II All American from schools that no longer have wrestling 

Every NCAA Division III All American from schools that no longer have wrestling 

Every NAIA All American from Schools that no longer have wrestling 

Every CCCAA Place winner from schools that no longer have wrestling 

Name a conference...I dont' have them all but I have a ton...and if a school that no longer has wrestling won that conference I can give you that information

Every Midlands place-winner from schools that no longer have wrestling

Every Big 12 place winner from schools that no longer have wrestling 

Every EIWA place winner from schools that no longer have wrestling

If you want to know anything in regards to statistics, accomplishments, credentials, ect on schools that no longer have wrestling, I'm a good guy to ask.  Can't guarantee I'll have the answer, but I have a ton of information. 

Just let me know what you want to know

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On 10/15/2019 at 9:47 AM, HurricaneWrestling2 said:

Maybe, but perhaps the Great Depression was the primary factor that limited the Kansas Whirlwind's competitive opportunities.  The article also points out that Mehringer experienced a very similar problem in high school.  "As a high school sophomore, he began coaching his school’s wrestling team and met with a good deal of success. The young coach’s victory as a competitor in the final of the state tournament helped his team secure a fourth-place finish. Economic times proved too dreary to allow Kinsley High the chance to improve upon their placing in Mehringer’s junior and senior years, although as a senior the ambitious youngster hitchhiked to the state tournament where he won his second state crown."

Mark Palmer, in an Intermat Rewind article on the 1932 Olympics, noted how the Depression affected the Games in which Mehringer won his gold medal:  "Los Angeles was the only city to place a bid to host the Games of the X Olympiad. (The city had put in a bid for the 1928 Olympics, losing to Amsterdam.) Many athletes and nations were unable to afford the trip to California. Fewer than half as many athletes competed at the Los Angeles Olympics as had in 1928."..."One of the most heartbreaking stories about poverty and sacrifice involved the Olympic athletes from Brazil. Severely impacted by the Depression, the only way Brazil could afford to send its athletes to Los Angeles was to put them on a barge loaded with 25 tons of coffee, with the expectation that profits from selling the coffee at ports along the way would fund the $1 per person head tax to enter the U.S., and the $2 per athlete entry fee for the Olympics. Sadly, they were able to sell only $24 worth of coffee by the time they reached California. The athletes' last hope: the Brazilian consulate in San Francisco, which sent a courier to Los Angeles with a check for $45 U.S. However, in the time the courier was traveling south from San Francisco, Brazil's currency devalued … and the check was worth only $17 when it arrived in Los Angeles. To add insult to injury -- the check bounced."


That seems more likely than Phog Allen being a "tool"

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21 hours ago, John Morgan said:

in 2011 the U of NE Omaha, won Division II National Title (their 8th national title) under the great coach Mike Denney and he was notified the next day the program was to be dropped...and it was.  They also dropped Football when they went DI.  

There are many athletic directors who would give him a run for his money, I can think of three right now, but does it get any worse than Trev Alberts? What a piece of crap. 

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