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September 21st Rob Koll World Championships update



Most of you already know that Kyle recently added another world title to his resume. Amazingly, like last year, he was never seriously challenged. Next up for Kyle will be the Olympic Trials on April 4-5 at State College, PA. Kyle plans to compete at the 74 Kilogram weight class. Because he won the world title at a different weight he will automatically be placed into the semi-finals. Assuming he wins his two matches on April 4 he will face off against Jordan Burroughs in a best 2 out of 3 on April 5.

As always we will sell-out so please put in your order early. We have a young but talented squad and tt is going to be an exciting season! To order tickets go to:

HOW TO SEE HELSINKI, FINLAND IN LESS THAN THREE HOURS (Written by guest columnist Starky DeSoto '04)

After arriving in Helsinki from Nur-Sultan at 7:30 am with a 4-hour layover, Coach Koll found Rich, Rick, and I and talked us into going into Helsinki.  Our mission: find somewhere to get a Finnish beer.

Without any persuasion necessary, we walked through the airport to the train station and I proceeded to purchase 4 train tickets into the city center.  After multiple attempts, the ticket machine proved too complicated for my communications background, so Rich stepped in and purchased the tickets.  I'm pretty sure it was 4 one-way tickets into the city, but more on that later.  After a half-hour train ride, we arrived at the Central Train Station and walked about 1/2 mile to Old Market Hall - a complex with multiple small restaurants reminiscent of Fanuel Hall in Boston.  Realizing that most of the shops were closed, and the primary food items for purchase were coffee and reindeer meat, we left and walked two blocks to Helsinki Cathedral, looking for an open bar along the way to grab that beer.  Finding no bars open at 8:30 am, we stopped for photos and asked the closest person near us to take some pictures of the 4 of us.  Speaking no English, and putting her own camera aside, she took my phone and, speaking in Chinese, told us to get together in front of the statue with the Cathedral in the background.  She held up my phone, re-positioned us, took time to get the proper angle and lighting, and took several semi-professional pictures.  But, she wasn't done yet - she told us, in Chinese, to step away from the statue so that she could several more pictures of just the Cathedral in the background.  With none of us being fluent in Chinese, we complied, and she, again, took her time to position us properly and make sure she had the correct angle and lighting for the perfect picture.

Now that we had professional photos in front of Helsinki Cathedral, we continued on our quest to Temppeliakio - the Rock Church, and the number one tourist attraction in Helsinki.  This church was built about 60 years ago and is literally blasted out of a huge boulder in the middle of the city, so that the church floors, walls, and altar are rock, and the boulder was capped with a bronze dome held up by concrete beams and glass - really spectacular.  But, before we could go to the Rock Church, we had a get a taxi.  So, we walked to the closest taxi, and after banging on the window several times to wake the taxi driver up, continued our quest for a cold beer indigenous to our locale.  After touring the church, we walked around searching for an open bar.  When asking one of the local souvenir shop owners, he replied "A beer? It's 9:00 o'clock in the morning on a Monday!?"  Okay, point taken - but the judgment of a Finnish shop owner would not deter us.

Since the locals wouldn't help us quench our thirst, we started the 3/4 mile walk back to the train station with everyone keeping watch for an open bar.  There has to be alcoholics in Finland somewhere!  Although, I don't think we saw a single homeless person in the entire city of Helsinki, so maybe not...

On the way, we passed a reindeer on the middle of the sidewalk - no joke - and stopped for pictures.  Apparently, Finland lays claim to Santa Claus, as we were told by numerous people that Santa is from Lapland, Finland.  But, if that's the case, why do they enjoy eating his reindeer?  Anyway, we stopped at two bars along the way, but neither of them were open yet - so we continued to the train station.  Upon arriving at the train station, and realizing that our quest was nearing an end, we checked out the train schedule back to the airport and had a few minutes to look around.  Suddenly, with a ray of sunshine shining directly on it, was a bar in the train station!  We got our beers, and settled around the small bar - satisfied that we accomplished our goal.  However, shortly thereafter, a small-statured man stumbled into the bar, slurring in Finnish, and pointed to a half-empty glass of beer on the bar behind us.  Apparently, we had taken the spot of the town drunk, and he was not happy about it.  So, I guess that's confirmation that no matter where you go in the world, there is, in fact, a town drunk.  

After chugging the last half of our beers to make it onto the next train back to the airport, we sprinted to the very last platform at the end of the station and slipped into the train just as the doors were closing.  We barely made the train!  So we waited for the train to start moving...and we waited as more people got on the train...and continued to wait.  Okay, so maybe we can't claim victory for catching the train at the last second, but at least we had that beer.

As soon as the train started moving, three Helsinki transportation officials began checking for tickets at the back of the train car.  I don't think any of us even considered buying a ticket for the way back, but we all looked at each other - wondering which one of us would take the fall and go to Helsinki Jail.  While Rick would never admit it, Coach Koll and i were in agreement that we would plead ignorance - Rich purchased the tickets, he was going down before us!  However, when they got to us to check our tickets, Rick, Rich and Koll stumbled as if they were searching for their tickets, so I pulled my ticket out, and confidently flashed it at the transportation official.  He glanced at it, and moved on, giving the others confidence to show their tickets too.  As I explained above, I'm still pretty sure we only purchased a one-way ticket from the airport to Central Station, so maybe luck continued to be on our side.  At least until we go to the airport.

Arriving at the airport, we walked into the large customs area, with ropes guiding a very lengthy maze to the passport inspection, and there was not a soul in sight.  The place was completely empty.  So, Coach Koll, ever the risk-taker, ducked under the ropes to the front of the maze.  That was when the Finnish border patrol ran up to him and yelled at him for cutting in line.  Huh?  Really?  So, while we let Koll take the heat, we continued toward the passport inspection to re-enter the international terminal.  But, Koll wasn't done yet, after he got his passport stamped, he turned around and tried to re-enter the country - perhaps to complete the maze.  So, he proceeded to get yelled at again by the Finnish customs agent. 

All in all, with the exception of visiting a sauna in the country of saunas, we experienced nearly everything there is to do in Helsinki in under 3 hours, and somehow kept Coach Koll out of jail.


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October 1 Rob Koll 2020 NCAA tickets update


Good afternoon Cornell Wrestling fans,

We need to prepare for our NCAA ticket purchase in the Cornell Wrestling fan section. The University of Minnesota, Sports Minneapolis, and U.S. Bank Stadium will host the 2020 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, March 19-21, in Minneapolis.

All institutions will be allocated all-session tickets in the lower (100) level. Should the demands exceed the available inventory in the lower level, the NCAA reserves the right to also assign seats in the upper levels. The NCAA does not foresee that any cuts will be made to institutional allocations and will not accept any ticket returns. 

Questions may be directed to cmp2@cornell.edu

Here is the link for your request: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jJmduEXvmFCFh6OAfYEDALtDvcVEXeXSggaQv9MrbQk/edit?usp=sharing

2020 Hotel Information NCAA Minneapolis, MN

Crowne Plaza – Northstar

618 2nd Ave S Minneapolis, MN - 0.6 miles from U.S. Bank Stadium

 ·       Cut-off date is February 17, 2020

·       Free Wi-Fi, Bar/restaurant, gym & laundry on property

·       Rooms are $139.00 + tax per night

Guests need to call 612-338-2288 Cornell Wrestling Friends and Family / https://www.crowneplaza.com/redirect?path=hd&brandCode=CP&localeCode=en®ionCode=1&hotelCode=MSPCP&_PMID=99801505&GPC=FLW&cn=no&viewfullsite=true


Courtyard Marriott – Minneapolis Downtown

1500 Washington Ave South Minneapolis, MN - 0.6 miles from U.S. Bank Stadium

 ·       Cut-off date is February 26, 2020

·       Free Wi-Fi, Fridge in room, Bar/restaurant, pool & laundry on property

·       Rooms are $259 + tax per night

·       Guests need to call 877-699-3216 – our Group code is Cornell Friends & Family GO RED


TownePlace Suites

525 N 2nd St., Minneapolis, MN  55113 – 1.4 miles from U.S. Bank Stadium

 ·       Cut-off date is February 20, 2020

·       Free Wi-Fi and breakfast, fridge & microwave in room, gym & laundry on property

·       Rooms are        $149 + tax per night for a studio (one queen & a pull-out) OR

·                               $199 + tax per night for a two bedroom (two queen beds and a pull-out)

·       Guests can make reservation with this link: Book your group rate for Cornell Wrestling




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Nick Provo (Jr) in the semifinals at Super 32 after beating the #3 seed at 113 from the #6 seed.  Lightning fast from his feet, aggressive, never let up.  Why they had those
seeds, I don't know, as Flo has Provo ranked #4 and his opponent at #19.

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2 hours ago, ugarte said:

Track rankings are out. 

133: Tucker (10)
149: Yapoujian (29)
174: Womack (13)
184: Darmstadt (2)
285: Furman (29) 

The team is outside of the top 20 with Lehigh (10) and Princeton (T16) inside it.  https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPost.jsp?TIM=1571427768127&twSessionId=vphynvhykm&postId=1690004132

  Assuming no disproportionate number of injuries, if Lehigh can't take Cornell, with their top kids taking Olympic redshirts this season,  they should hang up their jock straps and hang their heads low.

Edited by witwhiz

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16 hours ago, Sublime607 said:

Bearcat open going to be interesting this year.

yeah - for the first time i'm really excited for the tune-up tournaments to see who will earn the early starting spots. I also have a feeling the new kids are underrated and we'll see more guys climbing into the rankings but that could be my red-colored glasses.

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18 hours ago, KTG119 said:

How many years in a row of 3+ AAs is it for Cornell now? 

My kid is wishing all of the O-shirts good luck in their quests but shocked that I'm not more upset that the top-7 streak at NCAAs is doomed.

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