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Cox to 86kg — because he wants to block DT?

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3 minutes ago, 2td3nf said:

Thanks, I just saw Bader's interview. BTW, what is TST?

Thick Solid Tight

He has a jawline where we will notice if he is slimming down. He may not attempt to gain much, if any, size either way. We'll know if he is slimming, though.

Hell... 138lb Gross looks like Skeletor.

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I do wonder how much or to what extent elite wrestlers like Cox are looking to adjust their approach based on insider knowledge. Style match-ups matter; but imposing one's will (in itself a combination of factors) I think would be the greater consideration. I'd watch Taylor, Cox, and Snyder wrestle all day--but if I had to pick, I'd take Cox above the others based on mentality, athleticism, and technique. Dude believes in himself, and whatever time he may spend with the tOSU RTC probably has less to do with figuring out his competition and more to do with putting himself in a situation where he can gather experience and, generally, expand his repertoire. Getting a feel with different coaches and different partners seems nothing but positive for someone at his level.

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