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Ohio State Wrestleoffs

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Not sure what to make of wrestle off results.  Traub beat Singletary last year, and Chase went on to have a solid year.  Hopefully the Hoffman match was an anomaly and maybe light a fire?

Decatur taking neutral versus Koontz makes me wonder how vulnerable is from bottom.  If he lacks confidence already it seems like a bad sign.

I feel like Cleary is a little better than people realize.  This is his 4th year in the room and he has seemed to develop more each year.  That said, I don’t think he beats the Sasso/Hayes loser.   

I like Smith at 165 and think he will have a good year.

Rocky Jordan wasn’t fun to watch. However, he was off the mats last year and we will hopefully see development.   His mat wrestling and defense could result in  him pulling an upset or two.  Unfortunately, Romero seems to be a solid career backup.  Although I think he outwrestled Jordan, he just doesn’t seem to know how to win matches.  I expect Jordan will widen the gap throughout the year.  



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8 hours ago, wamba said:

Agree but I feel the same. I don’t have confidence in him on the big stage.

I do. Hes had 1 bad tourney. Finished 2nd last year and destroyed Weigel who people thought was going to give him trouble. 3rd as a freshman. I'll take him all day.


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Wrestle-offs generally are a bit underwhelming, and this was not an exception.  The laggy stream certainly didn't help either.  Regardless, I'm just glad we've finally got some more wrestling to watch.

For Ohio State, I'm sure they were hoping to get a few more answers out of the evening.  As it stands now, there are still a lot of questions about the lineup.  

125 -- Heinselman looked sharp, but we're not going to know where he stands until we see him against some quality competition.  There are a lot of guys between him and a podium spot right now.  The top 6 at 125 look pretty much locked in... so the question is, can he sneak into the 7 or 8 spot?  He's got Townsell on 11/15 and Myers on 11/17, so we'll know more soon.

133 -- Decatur is a stud.... on his feet.  Everyone in the country has the same question about him.  If his mat game is just passable, he could be an AA threat.  Physically he's ready for college competition, I don't think that's a question.  

141 -- Pletcher is really good.  Everyone knows that.  Can he be the best guy in the country though?  Also, Kinner is very solid.  If Pletcher stays 141 all year, which I assume he will, hopefully Kinner goes to Midlands or the Scuffle.  

149 -- Sasso.  If he's as good as I think he is, he'll quickly become one of the most popular wrestlers in the country.  He was looking for a big move to put on a bit of a show but Grenier wrestled tough. I don't think Hayes beats Sasso, but we haven't seen Hayes at the right weight in 3 years.  

157 -- Cleary won because he's the smarter wrestler.  There's something there with Mattox, but he's missing the last 25%.  Why go back to the same claw spiral ride in OT that got you reversed in regulation... to what? Try to pick up a cheap set of back points?  I expect Mattox probably wins the better percentage of their matchups in the room, but when it comes to a real pressure situation his brain goes out the window.  This weight is definitely not yet decided--if it is Cleary, I'm happy for the guy.  Grinding for three years without starting, and finally with the spot?  Those guys are few and far between these days for the top programs.  He'll compete well in the Big 10 at 157 this year, which is surprisingly weak in the conference.  He'll lose to Deakin, Young, and probably Berge, but I think he can compete with the Barone's and Brolsma's of the world.  He beat Lewan last year. 

165 -- Kharchla wins a very interesting matchup.  Smith had significantly higher output but it seems to be nearly impossible to get Kharchla out of position, although familiarity is certainly a factor.  Last year Smith got to basically everyone's legs--he just couldn't finish.  He had a hell of a time even touching Kharchla's. I expected Kharchla to take more attacks, but credit to Smith for keeping him on the back foot. I don't think the plan changes at this weight, wrestle Smith all year unless Kharchla makes it absolutely impossible, or there is a shift in the landscape and the extra team points actually make a difference.

174 -- Rocky Jordan displays that typical Jordan Trained™ prowess on his feet by winning with a.... a rideout? Romero looked far superior on the feet, and probably should have scored twice.  Rocky had a hard time holding position and couldn't put together any real attacks.  I don't know what to think about this match.  I want to cut Rocky a break, since it's his first semi-real match in 2 years.  I also think Romero deserved to win, but if he really has that big of a whole in his game on bottom, he's just not going to win meaningful matches at this level.  I don't remember him being specifically terrible on bottom last year... so maybe more credit is due to Rock?  Tons of questions still here.  

184 -- Steiner wins a match I wish I had not seen.  The signs were already there with Hoffman's freestyle results... and credit to Steiner, but this is simply a match Hoffman can't lose.  I think he'll get back on track, and the spot is definitely his, but he looks a far shout from AA caliber right now.  

197 -- Kollin

285 -- remains to be seen.  

So basically, there are still major question marks at 157, 165, 174, 184, and 285. Glad college wrestling is finally back. 

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