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Most Stacked Non-Olympic Weights at the 2019 Worlds?

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I would have to go with 70kg.  It looked something like an olympic-weight for Baev.  


Although the brackets were not always equal, 70kg had:

Andrei Karpach:  European Bronze medalist

Adam Batirov:  two-time European Silver medalist and bronze medalist, too; three-time Ivan Yarygin champion; 2018 World Championships Silver medalist and 2016 Asian champion

David Baev:  U23 World Silver Medalist; 2017 Junior World and 2016 European Champion

Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran:  two-time World Bronze medalist; multiple time Asian championships medalist; former Asian games champion; two-time Ivan Yarygin bronze medalist

Ikhtiyor Navruzov:  Olympic Bronze, former Asian Champion and 2015 World Silver medalist

James Green:  2017 World Silver and 2015 Bronze medalist 

Magomedmurad Gadzhiev:  2017 World Silver and now 2019 Bronze medalist; former European champion; multiple time European championships medalist

Nurkozha Kaipanov:  2019 Asian Champion (- now 2019 Silver World Medalist and World Military medalist (lost to Tsabolov at 74 and Baev)).

Younes Emami:  (now) 2019 World Bronze medalist

Zurabi Iakobishvili:  2017 World Champion and 2018 Bronze Medalist - 2x European bronze medalist

Thoughts?  I think 61kg was also pretty stacked with Lomtadze, Bonne, Gvarzalitov, Idrisov, Topal and Eshanpour, too.

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The question wasn't too difficult to comprehend, or...?
NO!!! you're 100% right that at the 2019 worlds that was far and away the most difficult weight, i was reading other responses and got off track.

Greater question is what weights are they all going in 2020

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