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Wisconson with 2 wins, Penn State NONE!

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1 hour ago, jchapman said:

Wisconsin actually has three wins.

WOW - they have gotten even better since I first posted.

And still Penn State doesn't have even ONE win...

Do you think Bono is the Secret Sauce to end the Penn State dynasty?  Maybe has a leg up on Cael from when Sanderson Short Sheeted his dorm bed and couldn't figure out why Bono never noticed?

It's early fall and the ponds frozen but not solid enough to walk on. Ice Fishing on the lakes at least a month away - and farm fields are difficult to work with crop losses hitting many neighbors hard even as NDSU football is looking good. Now if only NDSU wrestling could do as well.

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56 minutes ago, fadzaev2 said:

"Wisconson" is spelled Wisconsin....just sayin'  Probably a "typo".


Right in line with 'tongue in cheek' nature of the post.

Penn State hasn't wrestled yet so a lot of teams have won more so far this season. You take your small victories where you can.

Once Cael's guys hit the mats...

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