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MSU open

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6 minutes ago, treep2000 said:

Sasso is the real deal.  Teching an opponent the quality of Storr is not insignificant.

Joey McKenna is the only other person to tech him in college, and he only did it once.

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2 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

Hold your hats.

Devin Shroder 20

Malik Heinselman 0.

TD and 4 full sets of NF. 

He's very dangerous on top. He did the same thing to Milhoff at Midlands a couple years back when he was still the back up behind Welch at Purdue. Scored 12 points in the blink of an eye.

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3 hours ago, nhs67 said:

What is this 'OTHER' going on here? A match limit default?

Missing out on a lot of matches because of it...

I think it is the match limit that was listed as "RULE" last year, but they are listing it as "No Contest" in this tournament. Usually happens in these late place matches which stinks because there were a few good matches we missed out on

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You guys missed this one:  



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What do Ohio State''s future upperweights (For 2021 through 2023 let's say) project to be if Karchla is a Buckeye? 



165- Kaleb Romero

174- Rocky Jordan

184- Carson Karchla (possibly switch Jordan and Karchla)

197- Gavin Hoffman

285- Greg Kerkleviet

With plenty of other guys pushing for a spot including but not limited to Chase Singletary, Kevon Freeman, Ethan Smith and Kevin Snyder.


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