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Is Tommy the New KJ?

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Gents stopped down to press day rubbed shoulders with my close personal friends and best sources and talked about the worlds oldest and gratest sport and was watching Tommy come away with a reel bad taste in my mouth gents reminded me of something went down to the Club Car and tossed down a few and thought reel hard and then it come to me gents listening to Tommy put me in the mind of KJ especially in them last and final years hears the lowdown hombres.

Theys both got Oly gold medals.

Both of them got on with there schools ISU and Iowa.

They both start out the season jacking there jaws about how tough there team is and then both of them let the fans down to the end of the year.

They both cant see there coaching weakness nor can take constructive cheap shots like KJs guys never could get out from under and Tommies gents cant create there own offense.

Both of them gents cant dress for nothing KJ wore them business suits he bought down to the South Side of Chicago and Tommy gets his outfits out of the Carver Hawkeye lost and found.

Now Tommies purse puppies and pickle sniffers are gonna take umbredge at this but tell me any one of you guys tell me I aint dead on and Ill call you a liar.

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I can hear the same voice when I read it.  He's in there, but something's up.  You feelin ok Flap?

Iowa has never had a bad coach.  The chess match in wrestling is a moving bulls-eye.  The scouting alone is a couple of generations ahead of the 80's.   The defensive mind of Randy Lewis would have been fun to watch with the skill set he would have now if he was coming through.  I'll tell you one thing, coming from a Poke fan, I would pay big money to see Lewis/Yianni D.  Flap, you have the hoo haas to call out your own guys.  I've only pulled for a hand full of Hawks, but consider me pulling for any school not wrestling my Cowboys that can slow down Cael's boys.  They are close to that "10" season dealio, and if I had to take a guess, I'd say it's gonna be going for a while.  Slowing that down would be a pretty big win for Tom's Hawks.  Get well Flap.  


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