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Is it too late to start Wrestling?

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18 hours ago, GreatWhiteNorth said:

Your coach may or may not feel like they should devote time to such a late starter - let's hope it's the former but, if not, find a wrestling partner (or two) ready to show you the ropes. Coaches sometimes are short of time, but don't let that stop you.

And as others have said, be ready to get whooped more than you would prefer. Swallow your pride and keep plugging away and your day will come.

Oh, and one last thing. If a wrestler gets a little too exuberant about showing you his long history of technique training to show you up - and you have no answer in the wrestling room. Don't hesitate to kick his butt (if you are inclined to such things) outside the wrestling room. I was a late starter who got tossed around pretty good by the experienced guys my first year or two. I had to have a 'discussion' outside the room with a couple guys who enjoyed whooping on me too much and pushed it too far. It only took a couple of these and that problem was resolved. (I may not have had wrestling experience yet, but I was tough as a $2 steak.)

Excellent adviceĀ 

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