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Experience of a Lifetime

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Choosing to post this year, due to venue, and the impact of said venue.  

This past weekend, I was able to experience (for me), what I would call an "experience of a lifetime".  Let me qualify and explain:

  • I wrestled folk, free, and a tiny bit of greco in "my day"
  • I was self-admittedly, a mediocre wrestler at best.  Although I had utmost aspirations, they were met with adversity after adversity, challenge after challenge.
  • At no time did my love the sport wane, but, my ability to compete did. 

Given the above, my 8 year-old son has decided, on his own, to give wrestling a try.  We live in CO, and had the opportunity over the weekend to receive a tour of the Olympic Training Center.  Now, most tours, you get a chance to walk into buildings/areas, snap some pics (with no flash of course), and create some memories.  

However, my son's coach was cleared to take us ALL on the mats at the OTC.  While there, he provided about 20-25 minutes of instruction to the kiddos that were there, and also involved the parents.  

So... what was my experience of a lifetime?  My son and I were able to receive instruction from a VERY highly regarded coach, while ON the mats where our Olympic Stars train, while "drilling" and bonding with my son.  

As a mediocre wrestler, the notion of ever stepping into the room, let alone on the mat, and with my son, will be an experience that I will NEVER forget. 


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It is cool for sure.  A couple of years ago, my son was at a camp there and my dad was in town for a visit. My dad wrestled for one year and when I moved in with him at 10, he made me wrestle.  I had a good 5-year run and then ruined my knee pole vaulting.  My dad was just in awe how something that he did 50+ years ago would carry on to his grandson and take us all to the OTC.  Wrestling is a great sport to connect generations!

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