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Hot Take: VT at tOSU

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4 hours ago, HokieHWT said:

VT wins a squeaker 19-18. No analysis just a dream I had last night from when they beat them on criteria at home a few years ago.

Good dream! We weren’t picked to beat them last time either. Robie will have them ready. 

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2 hours ago, treep2000 said:

125 - vt

133 - kinner

141 pletch lives

149 Sasso bigly

157 - clearly or mattox in a squeaker

165 - McDonald's gets a Whopper (wbf)

174 - Romero decision

184 - bolen over Hoffman.  Hoffman... Where are yo

197 - Moore wins easily

Hvy - chase by decision

vT wins 3-4 bouts


I’ve got 5-5 split and determining factor will be bonus points. I believe sasso gets the TF and possibly Moore getting a major but McFadden gets gets the pin. While Luke is a prohibitive favorite at 41, but Mitch Moore is headhunting harder than ever. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Pletcher leading the match but get stuck at some point. It sounds crazy I know since Luke rarely gets out of position but MM improved and probably wants nothing “more” than to get six in his home state

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Just now, madcat11 said:

I agree.  As a buckeye fan, people seem way too high on Sasso.

He’s a freshman he’s gonna take some loses.. mark hall lost to Christian brucki then beat zahid and bo Jordan a few months later ..I think people expect 18 19 yr olds to be consistent from day one but that’s not realistic 

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