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Blood in the Cornfields Predictions with Mudflap

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Gents its time for the early preseason look see at how KD has dressed up the Cyclones and I got to say hes done a reel good job upgraded that team built up the program KD aint one to take no prisoners and there aint no love lost between him and Tommy now KDs far better at mat coaching and strategy and watching film and developing talent and building a program and all that back office and front office stuff than T&T Tommys pickle sniffers and purse puppies gonna take a cheap shot at the Voice of Wrestling for his enthusiasm here but this is gonna be each and every year key matchup but it aint gonna be a reel barnburner this year heres the lineup projections and the lowdown predictions.

125 Lee and Mackey Mackeys smart enough to stay outa that Russian tie and keeps it close Lee wins a regular decision Iowa 3 -0

133 Desanto and Small now Desantos old school Hawk wild child wrestles 110 percent eye of the tiger reel hungry Mudlfaps favorite Hawk runs Small off the mat Iowa 8 - 0

141 Snapple as Murin aint ready to go and Gomez Snapple would be decent if he was in the lineup full time and got some coaching but hes in Tommys doghouse Gomez has got what it takes at 133 but moving up and pimping aint easy and Snapple knows how to keep it close so its Iowa 8 -3

149 Lugo and Degen gents Degens in his head beat Lugo twice but close aint seeing that changing there to the Cyclones home mat so its Iowa 8 - 6

157 Young against Carr Carrs got the talent and maybe not the wind hes got a nice blast double and Young aint the most athletic Carrs going to catch him twice with that move and that aint no lie but Young comes back late and scores gets a regular decision and its Iowa KD knows the dual turns on this match reel important pay reel close attention if Carrs winds better than Mudlfap expects he could hang on and win and turn the meat around its Iowa 11 -6

165 Marianelli and Straw not much to say here Marianelli aint much on frills and Straw just aint much but its a regular decision Iowa 14 - 6

174 Kimmer and Coleman now Kimmers got reel good fundamentals but he aint flashy and Colemans a project and Dressers going to need to take some risks but this one could end up in a fall Dresser knows it aint time to get radical and Coleman keeps it close regular decision Iowa 17 - 6

184 Wilkie or Brands gents you know my feeling Free Nelson Brands but Tommy throws Wilkie out there against Colbray and Colbray beats him again watch Wilkie stand there with his boots in concrete there to the end when hes behind any of you guys tell me he aint burnt stick a fork in him hes a crispy critter gents out Im gonna call you a liar now its Iowa 17 - 9

197 Warner and Shapiro take a bathroom brake here gents its Warner 4-2 Warner aint much on overexercise gents dont even like to get winded most days and it shows now its Iowa 20-9

HVW Cass against Grimmle hombres Cass stuck Grimmle in the only and single time these gents matched up and it aint no different here Cass is whipping up on Stollhouse and the rest of those gents in the room should have been out there last year instead of a crippled up Stollhouse but you gents know Mudflaps feelings on that one still so its 26 - 9

This ones not KDs year but still its gonna be a reel good meat any of you gents at the Iowa Illinois got the hands and plenty of Captain Morgan and PBR cranking out the jams at the stabbin cabin PBR flag flying high right there West of the stadium Mudflap parks with the big givers go big or go home partying harty got some accommodating lady friends reel friendly like come on come all but leave the old lady at home less you wanta share if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean.

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4 hours ago, pamela said:

Is DeSanto going 133 for this one? What did he weigh last week?

He is listed at 133 for the probables.  Not at both like last week.

The Brands know they need to put their best foot forward after last year, and that is going to be DeSanto going for bonus at 133.

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