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Best Wrestlers in Iowa History

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Best Wrestlers in Iowa History


The Hawkeyes have won more medals than every other NCAA team except Oklahoma State. Check out the best wrestlers in Iowa history ranked by NCAA medals.

Here are the top five!

Rank - Name - Score - Finishes

#1 - Ed Banach - 60 - 1,1,2,1
#1 - Lincoln McIlravy - 60 - 1,1,2,1
#3 - Tom Brands - 57 - 4,1,1,1
#4 - Jim Zalesky - 55 - 5,1,1,1
#5 - Joe Scarpello - 54 - 1,3,2,1
#5 - Mark Perry Jr. - 54 - 2,3,1,1

There have been 162 All-American wrestlers who have won 335 medals in Iowa history!


Check out the full list in this Rokfin exclusive!



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No offense to Mark Perry or Joe Scarpello but Joe Williams and Barry Davis have to on the list-both won three titles. TJ Williams and Mark Ironside (on every Iowa fans shortlist) are two of my favorite Iowa wrestlers ever and people seem to not bring them up as much (especially TJ).

Spencer Lee will be there soon.

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His ranking system is based on 4 years of performance with standard tournament placement points per ncaa tournament per season.  Obviously, it is a very simplistic formula that doesn’t account for anything other than how you placed at that tournament for 4 years regardless of eligibility, injury, etc. 

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