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3 of the worst fitting suits you'll ever see

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An unemployed bum is walking down the street thinking to himself "If I could get a nice suit I could get a job!" when he sees a sign that says "Tailor Made Suits - ONLY $10!!". He stops, checks his pocket, and he had $15. Thinking he couldn't pass up this deal he went into the shoppe. The tailor took his measurements, found out what fabric he wanted to use, and said "come back tomorrow".

The next day the bum returned and the tailor said "your suit is ready. Go put it on and we'll see how it looks". So he went to the changing room, put on the suit, and stepped out. He told the tailor "hey, this one sleeve is longer than the other!". The tailor replied "just bend your elbow on that side and nobody will be able to tell". Then the guy said "hey, the collar isn't level!". The tailor replied "just tilt your head to the left, and nobody will be able to tell". Then the bum said "one of the pant legs looks longer than the other!". Tailor replied - just bend your knee a little bit on that leg". So the bum paid his $10, and walked out of the shoppe.

As he walked out a couple guys across the street saw him, bent arm, neck, and leg, slowly making his way down the street. One said "Damn, look at that poor crippled bastard over there". The other replied "yeah, but LOOK AT THE FIT OF THAT SUIT".

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