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Best Wrestlers in Wisconsin History

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Best Wrestlers in Wisconsin History


The Badgers best are lead by three-time and two-time NCAA champions Lee Kemp and Don Pritzlaff. Check out the best Wisconsin wrestlers of all-time ranked by NCAA medals!

Here are the top five!

Rank - Name - Score - Finishes

#1 - Lee Kemp - 60 - 2,1,1,1
#2 - Don Pritzlaff - 45 - 6,5,1,1
#3 - Andrew Howe - 38 - 2,1,3
#3 - Jim Jordan - 38 - 6,1,1
#5 - Matt Demaray - 36 - 7,1,1

There have been 68 All-American wrestlers who have won 114 medals in Wisconsin history!


Check out the full list in this Rokfin exclusive!



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3 hours ago, jchapman said:

No Askren, Conrad, Hartung, or Peterson brothers?

So far assuming this thread is about Wisconsin - Madison.

John Peterson attended Wisconsin - Stout (NAIA school), and was an AA.  His career didn't take off until after college.

And Russ Hellickson is also best known for what he did after college, as he did wrestle for Wisconsin, but was never AA.

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