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World Champion 2019 Sadulaev was banned for 4 month from any competition organized by the UWW.

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This is the details of what sadulaev said when he dedicated his victory to Shamil

“I would like to dedicate this victory to our venerable highlander - Imam Shamil. Every young man in the Caucasus takes him as a model. I would like to quote one of his sayings: “Be humble when ascend, and merciful when become strong,” Sadulaev commented on his victory.

It's difficult for me to fault the quote that Sadulaev used “Be humble when ascend, and merciful when become strong,”  There is nothing religious or political about that quote.

I gather that Shami is a lighting rod in the Russia Chechnya relationship, and just mentioning his name is controversial.

Perhaps an analogy would be a southern wrestler wearing a Robert E. Lee Shirt, and dedicating his victory to him 


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I’m a Christian Preacher and I see no foul here. Much like Snyder I gave every win to Christ and when I lost I tried to do so in a Christ like way.

I realize this guy was a warrior, who was quoted. This is not even a religious thing. They put the best wrestler on the planet on the sideline for 4 month for this? I want someone from Georgia would win an Olympic spot(give us 4-8 years) and wear the Rebel Flag with a quote of Stonewall Jackson on it. It was a war in the 1800’s fought by someone who was a Christian.

Does anybody think this may Stem from Russia? I mean Russia plays a big part of the corruption in UWW, and the state does run the athletic committee.

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