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You people are crazy questioning Molinaro's gas tank and/or abilities. He looked great.


Give Ness at least a little bit of credit. Frank was laying it on him an he refused to give up. He wasn't getting majored. The kid is very good, refused to quit, and showed a little heart.


As far as Frank is concerned, he basically piss-pounded a very good wrestler. If he wasn't going after the major, he never would have allowed the takedowns and scrambles at the end. Did you guys even watch the first 6 minutes of the match???


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That's why I love sports, you can root against a guy one week and find yourself cheering for him the next. Hope he does well, any wrestler that can shine a good light on the sport is always good =)

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^^^Mention of "troll" supra. I think a troll post can be warranted in reply to a "cheerleader" post. I often find troll posts more interesting and truth eliciting than cheerleader rah-rah shish-boom bahhh-isms.

Funny, I find that neither contain much if any truth usually. Just opinions.

If you don't expect a little "homerism" in a thread for a specific school then you haven't read the posts for IA,MN,Cornell etc.

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KR, or anyone that knows..... is Flo done posting the coverage for Nittany Lion Open? I didn't see any Ruth matches, which I thought was a bit strange. I know they have limited resources though, just have like 5 DT matches and no Ruth....


The reason I wanted to watch, is to see if he was wrestling with the same "cockiness" or if he has decided to wrestle the entire match this season.

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TOM Live Chat Penn State vs. West Virginia | The Open Mat




125 Nico dec Young PSU 3 WVU 0


133 Colin Johnston MD Reber WVU 4 PSU 3


141 Pennesi dec Pearsall WVU 7 PSU 3


149 Tank TF Scheffel PSU 8 WVU 7


157 DA MD Prezzi PSU 12 WVU 7


165 DT FALL Eason PSU 18 WVU 7


174 ER MD Bryson PSU 22 WVU 7


184 QW dec Ryan PSU 25 WVU 7 Clinches the dual


197 Ortega dec Mancuso PSU 28 WVU 7


285 Wade DEC Williamson PSU 31 WVU 7

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He has a strained knee. Was cleared to wrestle before Lehigh, but they are playing it safe. I expect to see see him wrestle on the next one, we'll see.


Edit: Ortega is 0-2 as his replacement, but I have been impressed with his improvement. Wrestling with some aggressiveness so far.

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From what I read elsewhere, he was given a rest? Seems odd, but maybe with the win in hand and Brown needing some mat time, it just made sense to not risk his knee again.

Heard nothing about why Jake was absent. Maybe the starting job isn't his any more.

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1 sanders

2 waters

3 perrelli

4 bonanno

5 snyder

6 megaludis

7 fought

8 deutsch



1 thorn

2 mccormick

3 kalil

4 drucker

5 nelson

6 martelotti

7 thome

8 franco




1 mangrum

2 henderson

3 dardanes

4 nevinger

5 nelson

6 pearsall

7 stanzione

8 wiest




1 frank

2 bradley

3 ness

4 eifert

5 sakaguchi

6 young

7 paylou

8 accordino



1 dake

2 alton

3 pena

4 houdashelt

5 mock

6 vollrath

7 palmer

8 nicholson



1 taylor

2 gillespie

3 yohn

4 toal

5 blevins

6 sulzer

7 peppleman

8 staudenmayer



1 ed

2 henderson

3 purdue

4 edwards

5 luvsandorj

6 storley

7 brown

8 mannier



1 bosak

2 steinhaus

3 wright

4 trotman

5 fausey

6 larson

7 rebertus

8 bencomo



1 simaz

2 yohn

3 powless

4 mcintosh

5 meeks

6 haynes

7 smith

8 brown



1 nelson

2 jack

3 wade

4 johnson

5 hanke

6 delaney

7 chalfant

8 gingrich

psu 13 seeds three #1s-149 165 174

minny 9 seeds three #1s-125 133 285

cornell 7 seeds three #1s-157 184 197

oregon state 6 seeds one #1-141

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