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Walsh Ironman

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44 minutes ago, RealAmericanHero said:

Just saw the bracket. Did Lautzenheise recently commit? I remember seeing the name (it does stick out) but do not recall where.

Welcome to high school wrestling, young Mr. Hart.

Hart was wrestling well.  It was 3-2 and he got caught and pinned.

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6 hours ago, jeffrideal said:

Flo has live coverage and Track has the brackets? 


6 hours ago, Mphillips said:


Just uploaded 106


11 minutes ago, fullnelson said:

Why aren't brackets available for viewing; Flo Arena doesn't even have the tournament listed.


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Semifinal Match Ups - Noon, Saturday
106 - #1-Marc Anthony McGowan, Blair vs. Gabe Giampietro, Smyrna

106 - Eligh Rivera, Lake Highland vs. #9-Mac Church, Waynesburg 

113 - #15-Brett Ungar, Notre Dame vs. #17-Diego Sotelo, Marmion

113 - Gary Steen, Reynolds vs. #7-Erik Roggie, St. Christophers 

120 - #4-Jordan Titus, C. Moriches vs. #14-Dustin Norris, LaSalle 

120 - #10-Cooper Flynn, McDonogh vs. #9-Ryan Miller, Blair

126 - #4-Ryan Crookham, Notre Dame vs. Dylan Shawver, Elyria

126 - #5-Dylan Ragusin, Montini vs. #3-Nic Bouzakis, Seminary

132 - #16-Alejandro Herrera, Seneca Valley vs. #14-Ethan Miller, Park Hill 

132 - #18-Drew Munch, Seminary vs. Davin Rhoads, Louisville

138 - #1-Beau Bartlett, Seminary vs. #6-Kenny Herrmann, BECA 

138 - #12-Frankie Tal-Shahar, American Heritage vs. #18-Nick Moore, Graham 

145 - #1-Victor Voinovich, Brecksville vs. #17-Fidel Mayora, Montini 

145 - #9-Manzona Bryant, W. Reserve vs. #5-Lachlan McNeil, Seminary 

152 - #2-Travis Mastrogiovanni, Blair vs. #7-Brayden Roberts, Parkersburg S. 

152 - Dalton Harkins, Malvern Prep vs. #4-Peyton Hall, Oak Glen

160 - #2-Paddy Gallagher, St. Edward vs. #6-John Martin Best, Parkersburg 

160 - #7-Andrew Cerniglia, Notre Dame vs. Jack Wehmeyer, Malvern Prep 

170 - #8-Nevan Snodgrass, Fairmont vs. Jaden Bullock, Oscar Smith 

170 - #11-Tyler Stoltzfus, St. Joes vs. #10-Dom Mata, Blair 

182 - #9-Anthony D'Alesio, Canfield vs. #19-Jake Evans, Elyria 

182 - #14-Ashton Habeil, Lake Gibson vs. #8-Rylan Rogers, Blair 

195 - #18-Ben Vanadia, Brecksville vs. Nick Feldman, Malvern Prep 

195 - #10-Seth Shumate, Coffman vs. #6-Sam Fisher, Faquier

220 - #2-Braxton Amos, Parkersburg S. vs. #9-Noah Pettigrew, Blair 

220 - Grady Greiss, Northwest vs. #5-Ethan Hatcher, Brecksville

285 - #10-Garrett Kappes, McDonogh vs. Max Millin, Massillon Perry 

285 - Cole Deery, Malvern Prep vs. Sam McNulty, Perkins 

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Quarterfinal Results
106 - #1-Marc Anthony McGowan, Blair tf. Marlon Yarbrough, Copley, 16-0

106 - Gabe Giampietro, Smyrna tf. Wyatt Richter, St. Edward, 15-0

106 - Eligh Rivera, Lake Highland dec. Cael Keck, Park Hill, 2-1 UTB

106 - #9-Mac Church, Waynesburg dec. Pacey Najdusak, Mason, 6-4

113 - #15-Brett Ungar, Notre Dame md. Sean Seefeldt, St. Edward, 9-0

113 - #17-Diego Sotelo, Marmion dec. #18-Jacob Moon, Oregon Clay, 6-2

113 - Gary Steen, Reynolds dq. Paul Garcia, Scottsbluff

113 - #7-Erik Roggie, St. Christophers dec. Brennen Cernus, Seminary, 4-2 

120 - #4-Jordan Titus, C. Moriches dec. Brennan Van Hoecke, Palmetto Ridge, 10-5

120 - #14-Dustin Norris, LaSalle dec. #12-Chris Kim, Germantown Ac., 7-2

120 - #10-Cooper Flynn, McDonogh md. Dayton Delviscio, Malvern Prep, 16-4

120 - #9-Ryan Miller, Blair md. Dierre Clayton, SVSM, 9-0

126 - #4-Ryan Crookham, Notre Dame ms. Garrett Lautzenheiser, Louisville, 11-0

126 - Dylan Shawver, Elyria dec. #14-Chris Barnabae, Mt. St. Joe's, 5-3

126 - #5-Dylan Ragusin, Montini md. #17-Vince Cornella, Monarch, 14-5

126 - #3-Nic Bouzakis, Seminary dec. Rocco Welsh, Waynesburg, 6-2

132 - #16-Alejandro Herrera, Seneca Valley dec. Noah Mis, Mt. Carmel, 7-0

132 - #14-Ethan Miller, Park Hill dec. Jimmy Carmany, Brecksville, 4-2

132 - #18-Drew Munch, Seminary fall. Evan Buchanan, Atlee, 1:18

132 - Davin Rhoads, Louisville dec. #15-Chris Rivera, Lake Highland, 4-1

138 - #1-Beau Bartlett, Seminary dec. Jake Niffenegger, LaSalle, 6-1

138 - #6-Kenny Herrmann, BECA dec. #11-Wyatt Henson, Waynesburg, 1-0

138 - #12-Frankie Tal-Shahar, American Heritage dec. #8-Mick Burnett, Elyria, 4-3

138 - #18-Nick Moore, Graham dec. Cole McComas, Beaver Local, 2-1 OT

145 - #1-Victor Voinovich, Brecksville fall. Aaden Valdez, Pueblo East, 1:04

145 - #17-Fidel Mayora, Montini fall. Gavin Quiocho, Parkersburg S., 1:26

145 - #9-Manzona Bryant, W. Reserve dec. #19-Blake Saito, Perrysburg, 4-2

145 - #5-Lachlan McNeil, Seminary dec. Jackson Dean, Caesar Rodney, 11-4

152 - #2-Travis Mastrogiovanni, Blair dec. #15-Derek Fields, Brunswick, 7-5

152 - #7-Brayden Roberts, Parkersburg S. dec. Vinny Zerban, Christian Bros., 3-0

152 - Dalton Harkins, Malvern Prep dec. #5-Cole Handlovic, BECA, 3-1 OT

152 - #4-Peyton Hall, Oak Glen fall. #19-Bryce Hepner, St. Edward, 5:53

160 - #2-Paddy Gallagher, St. Edward md. Brett McIntosh, Harrison, 13-4

160 - #6-John Martin Best, Parkersburg dec. #9-TJ Stewart, Blair, 8-5

160 - #7-Andrew Cerniglia, Notre Dame dec. #10-AJ Kovacs, Iona Prep, 4-3

160 - Jack Wehmeyer, Malvern Prep dec. #20-Dominic Isola, Lake Highland, 5-2

170 - #8-Nevan Snodgrass, Fairmont tf. Evan Anderson, Aurora, 20-4

170 - Jaden Bullock, Oscar Smith dec. Andrew Donahue, Seminary, 6-3

170 - #11-Tyler Stoltzfus, St. Joes dec. Jax Leonard, Louisville, 7-0

170 - #10-Dom Mata, Blair dec. Caden Rogers, Malvern Prep, 4-1

182 - #9-Anthony D'Alesio, Canfield dec. Micah Ervin, Union County, 6-4

182 - #19-Jake Evans, Elyria dec. #16-Nathan Warden, Christiansburg, 9-2

182 - #14-Ashton Habeil, Lake Gibson fall. #18-JT Davis, Smyrna, 1:07

182 - #8-Rylan Rogers, Blair fall. Trevor Swier, Montini, 1:06

195 - #18-Ben Vanadia, Brecksville dec. #5-Peyton Craft, Blair, 8-6

195 - Nick Feldman, Malvern Prep dec. #19-Jack Wimmer, McDonogh, 10-3

195 - #10-Seth Shumate, Coffman fall. #14-Emmanuel Skillings, Broken Arrow, 2:25

195 - #6-Sam Fisher, Faquier dec. Jordan Greer, Avon, 4-3

220 - #2-Braxton Amos, Parkersburg S.dec Matt Kaplan, Lake Highland, 9-2

220 - #9-Noah Pettigrew, Blair dec. #8-Kyonte Hamilton, Georgetown, 6-5

220 - Grady Greiss, Northwest dec. #10-Kolby Franklin, Seminary, 5-4

220 - #5-Ethan Hatcher, Brecksville dec. Lazar Gasic, N. Royalton, 17-7

285 - #10-Garrett Kappes, McDonogh fall. Elijah Anthony, Blair, 4:42

285 - Max Millin, Massillon Perry dec. Cole Potts, St. Francis Desales, 3-1

285 - Cole Deery, Malvern Prep fall. Matthias Ervin, Union County, 5:05

285 - Sam McNulty, Perkins fall. Ryan Elrod, St. John, 0:54

Round of 16 Notes:
120 - Dierre Clayton maintain his good run with another big win, this time over Sem's Gregor McNeil.

138 - Wyatt Henson was pushed to overtime vs. Kal Miller but ultimately prevailed. It sets up a rematch with Herrmann from a a wild and controversial S32 bout. Nick Moore beat Cody Chittum. Cole McComas upset the #2-seed, Justin Rivera, the S32 Runner-Up.

152 - Jackson Dean won a dandy, 10-8 over Luke Geog. Travis Mastrogiovanni had a war with Kevin Contos. 

160 - #5-Thayne Lawrence forfeited. 

285 - Sam McNulty of Sandusky Perkins pinned the 2nd seed, Andy Garcia. 

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Without two number ones in the country, Blair will have its hands full with Wyoming Seminary.  Blair is wrestling without Trevor Mastrogiavani at 126 and  Van Ness at 132 -- who would both have been ranked  #1 in this tourney. Despite those absences, Blair  currently has  6 semi-finalists in 106, 120, 152, 170, 182, and 220; and 3 consolation kids at 160, 195 ans 285. Wyoming Seminary has 4 semi-finalists at 126, 132, 138,  and 145; with 9 consolation kids at 106, 113,  120, 152,  160, 170,  182, 220 and 285. All consolation kids need to win their first match tomorrow to place. Wyoming Seminary leads now (136.5 to 116) on the strength of their pins and greater number of consolation points. It is going to be very close tomorrow, I believe. Very exciting to watch the top teams in the country go head to head.

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Seminary locks up the win in the Semis.

Brecksville(Ohio)has had a nice showing and are in 4th place into the Consi semis.

STED is in 10th but are without, Delsanter, Hightower, Garcar & Kilbane who would have scored some points for sure.

Finals at 3:30 from what was announced.

Edited by Mphillips

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Wyoming Seminary makes a strong statement for the nation's top team spot by pulling away from Blair to win by 234.5 to 189, with Malvern Prep a distant 3rd at 126.5. WS had 10 placers including 3 champs and a runner-up, and they were missing their highly ranked 285 pounder and their 195 guy! Blair had 7 placers, including 2 champs and a runner-up, and they were missing their two #1-ranked 126 and 132 pounders. Malvern had 2 champs and 6 placers overall, and I do not know if they were missing anyone of note. Put another way, out of 111 teams, these three teams (2.7%) had 50% of all  the champions and 20% of all the placers.

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1 hour ago, Mphillips said:

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

I'm confused?  Who is this?  hofman19 do I have the pic correct? 


That is Lachlan McNeil (committed to UNC) posing with Ramos.

Flynn (McDonogh) was the runner-up at 120 to Jordan Titus.

Edited by Hofman19

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