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Free Nelson Brands Hombres

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Friends Free Nelson Brands tare them shackles from his legs and get him hes got the eye of the tiger reel competitor living the life reel hungry bad hombre as our Beloved President might say gives 110 percent any of you gents watched Wilkie get turned out by Johnny Sebastian got to say its time for him to leave his boots at the center of the mat he dont want to wrestle no more Nelson Brands is a Gable type gents.

I got to apologize the Voice of Wrestling got into a touch of a scrum with John Law seems Wallace was on the dark web and allegedly had some China White on the way to yours truly the Deep State gents come out and had a word with me seems the postal inspector opened up the overnight package after some drug sniffing dogs went wild tore down the whole entire Loan Tree post office according to them gents in the business suits and rubber souled shoes now my momma dint raise no fool I flipped faster than Lev and Igor turnt states evidence he who talks walks threw my old best hand Wallace under the bus now I get some insights into his whereabouts Mudflap can carry a grudge and thats no lie he better hope the Deep State gents get to him before KMF.

Friends any of you gents curious about Cashman and Princeton and Lee it aint no mystery hombres I broke that one last spring  Muflaps got the sources and the truth serum to get it out of them now the Voice of Wrestlings going to Ft Worth for the USA Senior Nats and thats all wrapped up in that going to check out the festivities and enjoy the fine ladies of Ft Worth and Dallas and libations and all taking the stabbin cabin down with my hands hanging on for Midlands then maybe the Scuffle and of course Big Tens and Nattys any of you gents looking for primo tix fine ladies let me know or any of you gents looking for work let me know.

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21 minutes ago, ionel said:

Nelson should enter the portal, PSU needs a 184lb they have money and are actively hiring.  

PSU needs portal help to catch up to Iowa. What weight they can use help in most next year? Hmm.

We need a portal expert to diagram the best prospects at the best weights. Its all for a good cause. Ha ha.

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