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Ohio State - in the title hunt

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48 minutes ago, teach said:

I guess what I am saying is, for the last several years we talk about who is the best team but when it comes down to the NCAA tournament PSU seems to win rather easy.  So until that stops happening, I think the "hunt" is for second.  I wish it were different.

No s$@#.  

That is precisely the reason why these threads exist.  

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Just now, teach said:

Well then look at the post ahead of yours.  To some it is not that clear?

That's not what I mean.  We're all looking for a possible shakeup.  We have these conversations every year and every year someone chimes in with some variation of your same comment: "why are we even talking about this, PSU always wins."  Right--we all know that.  We're just looking for a possible shake up.  Some way that someone can take them down.  If we're not talking about it then we might as well just read box scores and stare at a wall.  

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8 hours ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

IMO it's a good year to lay low if you're a Buckeye fan.  I'd rather be surprised by an upside performance than paint the picture of a 100 pt team given the clear challenges in the lineup.  

Let’s sticky this thread. I’ll double down 

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