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Freestyle 2019 Sr Nationals

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4 minutes ago, russelscout said:

No one was freaking out. Someone simply said his first match back in 3 years was a 28 second tech and you went out of your way to pee all over it. 

Eh... Modokomo has been clamoring for a few days in a few threads. It's gotten in some folks nerves.

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1 minute ago, VakAttack said:

Explanation: it was a joke.

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Okay thought maybe you were joking...

1 minute ago, spladle08 said:

I think he was just joking in that it's a college/HS rule.. and once most wrestlers can be free of it, they stop wearing it. 
So for him to continue is "Silly".... 

Kinda surprised EH didn’t make him take it off. Opponent is allowed to do that. 

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17 minutes ago, scramble said:

Sorry, I was speaking to Elam winning 97kg in the previous Junior Worlds.  I should have clarified better. 

Ah damn. My oversight on your meaning. I hadn't even thought of last year's or Elam at 97 OR the fact he is also a returning junior world champ.

My bad, my man. Apologies.

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